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Visual Copier Remote Sender MT4

This utility is for remote copying (over internet). If you need local copy (copy on one pc/workstation), use Visual Copier Slave.

Visual Copier is a visual trade copying utility that support Metatrader4 and Metatrader5 and Local/Remote Copying.

Specifications :

  • Real Time, Multi Terminal - Multi Account - MT4/MT5 trade copying (support over 50 accounts same time)
  • Remote Enabled
  • All settings are input visually.
  • Visual display and modify of copy map and network
  • Display Communication strength and list of accounts and positions on Master/Slave accounts
  • Easy modifying symbol names, prefix, suffix
  • Enable/Disable copying special symbols
  • Various type of money managements and volume customization
  • Various settings for copying SL/TP with custom values supported
  • Ability to disable closing positions with loss
  • Trailing Stop and Break Even support
  • Partial closing option
  • Pending Orders copy option
  • Reverse Copy option
  • Calendar for Blocking copy Operation in special time periods
  • Block copying during news
  • Option to stop copy if equity/free margin is less than user defined value
  • Option to send notification on each trade transaction
  • Can close trades manually with one simple click
  • Can synchronize trades with source(master) account manually
  • Each Remote Receiver User can set up own settings

Using EA :

    1. Attach Master Version to account(s) that you want to copy from. (Main or Source or Sender accounts)
    2. Attach Slave Version to account(s) that you want to copy to. (Receiving or Target accounts)
    3. Attach Control Panel to a chart and setup connections. (any chart on any terminal. No difference.)
    4. Now Copying is started and you can close control panel. (and open again if you want to change settings.)
    5. For Sending Signals to another PCs over Internet, Attach Remote Sender Version and Set up.
    6. For Receiving Signals from another PCs, Attach Remote Receiver version and setup connection using Control Panel.

    Detailed Manual :

    Versions :

    Your Copying Direction
    Master MT4
    Master MT5
    Slave MT4
    Free for Testing

     Slave MT5
    Free for Testing

     Control Panel MT4 / Control Panel MT5
     Remote Sender MT4 / Remote Sender MT5
    Remote Receiver MT4 / Remote Receiver MT5
    MT4 => MT4

    Need    Only One Need
    MT4 => MT5

     Need  Only One Need    
    MT5 => MT4

    Need Need    Only One Need    
    MT5 => MT5
       Need    Need  Only One Need    
     MT4/MT5 => MT4/MT5
     Need  Need  Need  Need  Only One Need    
     Remote Accounts => MT4/MT5      Need  Need   Only One Need    Need
     MT4/MT5 =>  Remote Accounts            Need  

    If you want more Easy-to-Use Copier with Cheaper Price Use :

  1. Easy Copy Local MT4
  2. Easy Copy Local MT5
  3. Easy Copy Remote MT4
  4. Easy Copy Remote MT5

  5. Shortcut Group is ready to help you about using the EA, Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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    Версия 1.1 2020.07.03
    Updated interface for better view in high resolution displays.