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Smart Heuristic for Gold Trading Robot

The Robot Named "TamuzZ" (my nickname) and also i named "POLARIS" with version 14. Change the name and revised versions shows long time that i spent to create and fix the defects of program.  this revised versions indicates endless efforts of a young trader that tried to uses his academic educations and final Master educational thesis in his trading systems (subjects like "Time Series Prediction", "Artificial Intelligence",...).

1) I Called " Heuristic" because Main strategy is based on experience caught from discover relationship many factors happening daily in market. this also called " Supervised learning" (keyword). there is combination help of several "indicators", or maybe "Methods". here there is doubt that is :  "Is logical system that work based on heuristic data has enough reliability?" "is your data (about 3 years) enough rich?" the answer  is both "yes and no". i tell "yes" because the experience obtained from reality market and the market has same cyclical manner but related to the period of research. so the strategy would be updated.
2) i did my studies on gold ("XAUUSD symbol) therefore, it is not possible to comment on other symbols.

3) i Called "Smart", because the robot uses "Fuzzy Logic Algorithm" to money management. and a heuristic smart "Trailing Stop" based on "power of bullish candle" and timing. also it has plan to trail "Take Profit".

Contrary to all the positives points, there is some weaknesses like :  a) Number of trades are too low (about 1 signal per 50 day) b) Just Uses Long trade (Buy) and not plan to short
But with strengths like: a) Completely Automated trading from detect signals to entrance and exit trade. b) Rich and high reliability signals (and trade volume changed based on that).
for my case study that interval is from first 2017 till 2020. there are 15 transactions with first balance 2000$ to about 9000 $ at the end. for the weakness of long period of signal's there is a solution that i worked recently. you can use VPS system and add the robot on it  and let him to do trades with no stress.
If you would like to buy this product, be sure to contact me (for additional setting).
WhatsApp :+989361487004

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