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IScalper - The architecture is a fully automatic Autonomous robot expert for forex market
The EA use three different system.     
Use on charts:  EURUSD,GBPUSD or any
I can personally connect through TeamViewer to help you as much as possible !
🔥  NOT  Martingale! NOT GRID! 🔥 The DEFAULT settings are for GBPUSD EURUSD M1 and GMT=2
Set file GBPUSD: https://c.mql5.com/31/389/Iscalper_gbpusd.set

Real result
Fxblue: https://www.fxblue.com/users/46187622

The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners !   
  • The robot use three system for trading: WPR, BB And Force Index
Input parameters B A S I C
  • Magic - Magic number
  • Max Spread -  maximum allowable working spread for the broker, spread protection
  • Checking - Signal for trading
D E P O S I T    L O A D 
  • Lots - fixed position size
  • Auto_lot - True or False (Default False)
  • Percent by FreeMargin - Deposit loading for one transaction
  • Stop loss - fixed StopLoss
  • Take profit - fixed profit
  • TrailingStop - minimum profit to start Trailing
  • Trailing Step - trailing step
  • EAComment - Comment

Good Luck!

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gusamg 2020.01.28 04:11 

Only few trades in EURUSD and GBPUSD, most of them losses. Autor avoids questions about performance. Check by yourself, there are 3 reviews showing off good result with the EA ( even 3 months of good results) just one or two days after the release of this software! How is that?

rrayzz 2020.01.27 10:56 

Ran for 2 weeks wins are small compare the big losses

Khong06 2020.01.09 06:36   

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Ntxawmv5 2020.01.08 13:53   

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Bee5675 2020.01.08 07:42   

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