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Hera is invincible

Hera has different features for its programming, but to facilitate its implementation, it is recommended to use the default values. We are faced with an algorithm that gives surprising results with the EUR/CHF pair and with almost everyone else. We don't need anything else, attach it to a chart and wait patiently for excellent numbers. The time to configure is Timeframe H1. The default values are simply sensational to operate with the EUR/CHF pair. Always remember that good results from the past do'nt guarantee the same future results; although for this we have several demo and live accounts that can tell us how Hera behaves today.

Let Hera fight in a hostile market and make a profit for you. Hera is able to manage small and large accounts equally effectively.

Adequate capital management

Hera is effective, Hera works, as can be contrasted in live accounts. The way to obtain success is based on proper capital management. Never start an account without providing it with sufficient funds to face the evolution of events. Hera will give good results, but it will not be enough if there is no good capital management on your part. These are the recommendations based on the results of the Strategy Tester, with data from the ICMarkets broker. Below are the numbers for an account with the AUDNZD pair with the default configuration and an initial capital of € 1,000.

  • Lots: 0.01, Expected drawdown: € 244.94, Profits: € 1,529.13
  • This is multiplying the risk benefit ratio by 7!
  • On the worst volatility days of the Covid 19, it generated a maximum Drawdown of € 222.52.

Obviously, it is always recommended to increase the Drawdown risk at least twice to better ensure our investment. Anything that can increase to cover the Drawdown will always benefit our account and avoid bad times. Never put more capital at risk than you can cover. And, from there, everything is mathematics.

1. Choose the pair EUR/CHF.

2. Run Hera and see that pair's behavior over the past year in the Strategy Tester with your broker.

3. Review the Drawdown generated during the period.

4. Provide Hera with sufficient funds (the Drawdown multiplied by 2 to ensure).

5. Hera takes care of the rest. You have nothing else to do, just watch and be amazed.

Create your own strategy. Hera, the almighty mother of Gods and wife of Zeus is on our side. Good luck!

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Версия 5.0 2020.08.25
Added extra functionality. Compatibility with the EURCHF pair.
Версия 4.0 2020.07.13
Optimizados los valores por defecto para ser más efectivo en algunos pares.
Версия 3.13 2020.01.07
Added Drawdown viewer for the Strategy Tester
Версия 3.12 2019.12.28
New visual functionality in the Strategy Tester.
Версия 3.11 2019.12.23
Fixed some problems and change the initial configuration parameters
Версия 3.1 2019.12.22
Cambiado idioma de las configuraciones de español a inglés.