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Neutron Adaptive

Neutron Adaptive is a unique Expert Advisor based on multi layered neural network, perceptron and various default indicators. The algorithm works by calculating values from different timeframes to provide output signal for the current timeframe, then using perceptron and bollinger bands to trade on reversal price movement.

This EA does not use dangerous techniques like martingale, averaging, grid or hedging, and not required a sensitive broker. All orders are protected by stoploss and only one trade direction buy or sell depend on given algorithm.

Input Parameters:
  • Expert Name - EA name and trades comment.
  • Magic Number - EA identification number to identify trades.
  • Symbol Suffix - Symbol suffix
  • FixedLots - Fixed lot size.
  • AutoLots- true if you want to activate auto lot size calculation.
  • Auto Lot Risk - Risk calculation to calculate auto lot size.
  • Trailing Start - Distance to trigger trailing.
  • TakeProfit - Take profit.
  • StopLoss - Stop loss.  
  • Slippage - Slippage.
  • MaxOrder - Maximum running orders. 
  • x1-x4 - Neural network coefficients.
  • BBper - Bollinger Bands period.
  • BBdev - Bollinger Bands deviation.
  • MAper - Moving Average period
  • ShowInfo - Show info.
  • StartTime - Start time to execute orders.
  • StopTime - End time to excute orders.

Supported pairs:


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Версия 1.21 2020.01.07
minor fix
Версия 1.2 2019.12.06
Fix trailling start, add spread to it calculation.
Версия 1.1 2019.11.26
Add "ShowInfo" parameter to show or hide info and improve calculating speed.