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Trade panel in test mode

The most import reasons I like the MT platform is that it can be easily backtested and validated my trading ideas through historical data, which makes me more confident in future transactions.
But MT backtesting must have ea, you need to covert the trading ideas into mql code. Then many traders don't know how to code. Or I suddenly got a idea, I want to verify the idea, want to see if it works. but coding cost a lot time. The MT platform does not provide a tool for manual trading in backtesting, so those who can't write code can't also backtest.

This is a trading panel that can be used for manual trading in backtesting. No need to code, manually place an order, backtest your manual trading strategy. Most MT trading tools are still available in backtest mode.

Some usage restrictions: These restrictions are mainly the limitations of the mt backtest visual mode. Some of them can't resolved, and some of them will be overcome in the futher as I will develop more advanced tools.
1. Only one symbol's candle can display on the window. So you can't test the strategy which will need two or more symbol market price.
2, can only see one timeframe of symbol candle. You can't see multiple TimeFrames at the same time. Similarly, you can only see the indicators that match the main frame TimeFrame, you can't load both the H1 and H4 MA indicator.
3. It can only be used in the backtest mode. You will see nothing in normal mode (because you don't need this tool in normal mode).

The demo version can trade in backtest for only 7days. Buy the activation tool at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/45413

If there are any usage problems, please leave a message and I will reply as soon as possible.
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