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Super Smart Grid

Super Smart Grid is a complete package with multitude of strategies built-in, yet simple to use.

Advantages of Super Smart Grid EA:

  • Easy to setup
  • Suitable for all levels of traders
  • Any timeframe on any chart
  • Built-in configurable Averaging function
  • Grid distance coefficient
  • Grid Lot coefficient
  • News Filters
  • Time Filters

  • For controlled risk, use on M5, M15 or higher timeframe
  • Test on demo accounts for at least 2-4 weeks before going live
  • ECN broker is always recommended.
  • A low latency VPS is always recommended.

Parameters Explained:

EA General Settings
  • IsDashboardCommentOn: if true, Turn on Dashboard Comments
  • MagicNumber: Magic Number for this EA on this chart
  • Slippage: Max Slippage permitted for trade orders
  • Comment: Default "SSG". User can put whatever text s/he wants to display in Comments
  • Comment X Position: X co-ordinates to display comments
  • Comment Y Position: Y co-ordinates to display comments

Position Sizing Settings
  • Lots: Default 0.01. User can set Starting Lot
  • MaxLotSizePermitted: Dafault 0.10 for Max Lotsize Permitted. User will never have a bigger LotSize than specified here
  • Position Sizing Method: Select One. [Lot Step/Grid Lotsize Coefficient/Martingale/Lots Sum]
  • Lot Step: Default 0.01 for Lot Step Selection
  • GridLotSizeCoefficient: Default 1.05 for Grid Lotsize Coefficient. A value above 1 will increase LotSize for every new level and vice-versa

Risk Control Settings
  • Position Count to Start Risk Control: Dafault 8 Positions Count to Start Risk Control. After 8 (By OR Sell individually)positions, EA will try to close the First position using profit of the last positions combined.
  • Position Count to Activate BreakEven: Default 20 Positions Count to Activate BreakEven. EA will try to close all positions at breakeven after 20 trades.
  • Minimal Profit Amount to close Risk Positions: Default 1 dollar/Euro etc. Minimal profit amount to close Risk Positions(Averaging/Breakeven)
  • Max Positions Allowed: Default 30 Max Positions Allowed to Open in each directions (For Example: 30Buys/30Sells)
  • Use Signals For First Trade Only: Default false. If True, any additional grid will only open if Min distance and Signals are positive
  • Enable Trade Only Once Per Bar: Default true. Default current chart timeframe. Enable Trade Only Once Per Bar on selected timeframe
  • Stop Opening New Positions: Default false. When User Set it to True, EA will Stop Opening anymore New Positions.

TP & SL Settings
  • Enable StopLoss At Max Positions: Default false; If true, EA will start closing First position when Total Trades reach a count of Max Positions specified in above settings.
  • Units for Calculating MinDistance, TP: Select from Pips/Points
  • Min Distance: Default 50. Min Distance between Grids
  • Grid Distance Coefficient: Default 1.1 for Grid Distance Coefficient. A value above 1 will increase distance for every new level and vice-versa
  • Take Target: Default 55. Take Target for Profit

News Filter Settings

For News Filter to work, Go to "Tools"->"Options"->"Expert Advisors"->"Allow WebRequest for listed URL", Add this url: http://ec.forexprostools.com

  • News High Impact: Default false; Enable High Impact News
  • News Medium Impact: Default false; Enable Medium Impact News
  • News Low Impact: Default false; Enable Low Impact News
  • Stop Before News (In Minutes): Default 15 Mins; Stop trading Before News (In Minutes)
  • Stop After News (In Minutes): Default 15 Mins; Stop trading After News (In Minutes)

Day/Time Filter Settings
  • Allowed Days: Default "MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT, SUN"; Allowed days(Comma separated and First three letters)
  • Start Time: "0:00"; Start Time(HH:MM, 24HRS Format, 00:00 to 23:59)
  • End Time: "23:59"; End Time(HH:MM, 24HRS Format, 00:00 to 23:59)
  • Holiday Period: "2019/07/14-2019/07/16" In Format (YYYY/MM/DD - YYYY/MM/DD). Set past period to ignore

Rest of the settings are common indicators. If user want to use it, they can enable it.

We have a discussion (Share 'n Care) group on Telegram. To become part of it, just ping/message me.

The program is distributed on an “as is” basis.

All modifications and updates are made at the discretion of the author.

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Версия 2.5 2020.08.20
Version 2.04:
Risk Control Settings updated. Almost ELIMINATED need for a Recovery EA.
For any further help on How to use these settings, please ask in Telegram Group.
Версия 2.1 2019.07.31
Version 2.01:
Some bug fixes around Trade once per bar.(Introduced a True/False with TimeFrame option)
TimeFrame could be selected for individual signals.
Версия 2.0 2019.07.22
Version 2 Updates:
-Code optimisation
-Lots options (Lot Step, Grid Coefficient, Martingale, Lots Sum)
-If Signals used, Make a selection for "Use Signals For First Trade Only(True/False)"
-Use "Enable Trade Only Once Per Bar" on any chart
-Units for Calculating Min Distance, Take Profit (Pips/Points)
-Holiday Period (Date Range): YYYY/MM/DD-YYYY/MM/DD. To ignore, set a period in past.
Версия 1.48 2019.07.02
Some Cosmetic Fixes.
Some bug fixes.
Performance enhancements for logic used.
EACommentX, EACommentY - Place the Comments on screen by specifying X,Y co-ordinates
Версия 1.47 2019.06.28
This upgrade includes:
- Stop Opening New Positions [True/False]
- Enable StopLoss at Max Positions [True/False]
- Position Count to Activate BreakEven [int value]
Версия 1.46 2019.06.28
In Version 1.45, Averaging Sells not working. In Version 1.46, Bug Fix for Averaging Sell positions.
Версия 1.45 2019.06.27
Added PSAR Signal.
Added Reverse Signal Entry to all Signals.
Bug fix.
Версия 1.3 2019.06.25
Averaging feature upgraded to close Loss making position by Profit making multiple positions.