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Go Nervous Bird multipair

This EA works with one of the best exit strategies, the grid. But it's not an ordinary grid. In this EA, this strategy is optimized to the extreme to give you the best performance with multiple configuration options to work more safely and profitably. In addition, it manages multiple pairs on a single chart at a time, making them complement each other to make a single management.


  • Initial lot: is the lot of the first position of the cycle
  • Allow dynamic initial lot (true/false): calculate the initial lot dynamically
  • Balance x initial lot ratio (rule of 3): is the ratio of the balance x initial lot to the dynamic lot calculation, using the rule of 3. For example, if the variable "initial lot" is set to 0.1 and the variable "proportion" is 1000, the calculation is 0.1 lots for every 1000 in the account. If your current balance is 5000, the calculated lot would be 5 x 0.1 = 0.5
  • Lot multiplier: is the lot multiplier of the next cycle orders. If the initial order was 0.1 and the multiplier is 2, the next order will be 0.2, etc.
  • TakeProfit
  • Allow trailing stop (true/false)
  • Trailing start (points): cycle profit points (average price) to activate trailing stop
  • Trailing stop distance (points): stoploss distance after triggering trailing stop
  • Maximum orders in the cycle: maximum orders at the same time per cycle (separate buy and sell)
  • Distance between orders: distance between cycle orders (points)
  • Allow dynamic distance (true/false): calculate the distance between orders automatically according to market's moment
  • Allow hedge mode (true/false): buy and sell at the same time in a enter signal
  • Only 1 side each time (BUY or SELL) (true/false): lock one side if the other has open orders
  • Oversold RSI for initial entry: value for sell entry
  • Overbought RSI for initial entry: value for buy entry
  • Use volatility lock (true/false): filter to avoid open initial orders in times of high volatility in the market
  • Candles to verify volatility: number of candles to calculate volatility
  • Volatility in points to lock: above this volatility value will lock new initial orders
  • Close open orders on volatility (true/false): close open cycles in high volatility
  • MagicNumber: EA's ID number
  • Start time: start time for EA to work
  • End time: end time for EA to work
  • Close positions after time (true/false): close open positions out of trading time
  • Profit $ to close positions (0 do not use): balance of all EA positions (all pairs) added to close. If you leave 0 do not use
  • Maximum daily % profit (0 do not use): profit in% of the account on the day to lock. If you leave 0 do not use
  • Maximum daily % loss (positive value, 0 do not use): loss in% of the account on the day to lock. If you leave 0 do not use
  • Allow panel (true/false): show panel with EA balance information
  • Text color 1: panel text color
  • Text color 2: panel text color
  • List of pair to trade: pairs that the EA will work simultaneously. It must be separated by a comma. If the name of the pair has a suffix (ex: .pro) it is necessary to put in
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