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  • This EA is a fully automated EA for Forex trading.
  • This EA uses VOLUME technical.
  • This EA will only be entered when volatility occurs.
  • This EA takes up to two positions.
  • The maximum profit is set at 0 pips(Unlimited).
  • The maximum loss cut is set at 100pips.


  • FUNDA - If you only want to buy, please set 1. If you only want to sell, please set -1. if you wish both, please set both 0 .
  • magic - Please set a magic number which is not the same as other EA.
  • lots1 - Please set the number of lots in the first position.
  • lots2 - Please set the number of lots in the second position.
  • profitPipsST1 - Please set the profit of the first position.
  • profitPipsST2 - Please set the profit of the second position.
  • losscutPips - Please set the loss cut.


  • This EA is effective for GBPJPY(This EA is not good at other currencies).
  • When back test、or、forward test, use a candle for 15 minutes.


  • Axiory


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