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Sol Scalper


Sol Scalper is an EA developed to run on 26 pairs on 1 minute time-frame. This EA uses machine learning and cross correlation analysis applied to multi-pairs from 12 to 18 years to determine the best points of entry and exit on the market. Its operating base uses a price action studies along with other Market Structural Studies to determine the best entry and exit points. Multiple broker tests have been conducted using the actual tick data of several brokers using Tick Data Suite a software application widely used by professional system developers to achieve 99% quality back test accuracy. Sol Scalper shows remarkable stability and robustness since the beginning of data availability.

The Sol Scalper Expert Advisor is based on Unique Price Action combined with AI (Artificial Intelligence), market structural studies and cross correlations relationships to trigger entries

* Features

-  A solid Price Action Scalper

- Fixed Lot or compounding auto-lot.

- In built spread protection and the use of pending orders (stop orders) with no market orders.

- No grid or Martingale

- A stop-loss for every order

- Unique price action and Advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

* Recommendations 

- Broker : IC Market, Tickmill, Darwinex, ... (ECN account with low spreads) 

- Pairs : All majors and minors- Time-frame : M1



Settings (we recommend using the default settings and adjusting the money management to suit your needs)

  • Display Info Panel (true/false):  Displays profit information on the chart;
  • Use Money Management (true/false): set to true to use "risk in percent";
  • Trend Filter: 0 - Envelope (default), 1 - Bollinger, 2 - EMA, 3 - SMA
  • Risk In Percent: 1 = 1% will be risked per trade;
  • Fixed Lots: lots trades if use money management is false;
  • Stop Loss in pips: the recommended default is 30 pips;
  • Hour Range From: trades will be opened from this hour and 0 minutes;
  • Hour Range to: trades will be opened until this hour and 59 minutes;
  • Comment: Comment that will be written for each trade;
  • Magic Number.

  • Profit taking approach: each order is trailed by a volatility driven ATR trailing stop; the stop is tight enough to allow us to capture snipe profits and occasionally capture larger price break profits;

  • VPS: it is essential to use a very high speed VPS.  I recommend MQL5 vps;

  • Slippage and max spread limits are taken care of by the EA;

  • I recommend using no more than 0.01 lot per trade until the trader is familiar with how the EA trades;

  • It is always good practice to place a scalping EA (or any EA) on a demo account before placing it on a live account.  Extensive tests have been conducted however you have to ensure your vps and broker work comfortably with the EA.

michele74 2019.06.11 18:00 

Introduction: A few months have already passed when i find Max on mql5 Market, and until now i bought a lots of his product , because him is on of the most professional and great coder i ever seen...

For me the superb and unbeatable EA is " SSA Fixed it - Deluxe" until now give me a big satisfaction, and no one EA in the market are comparable about performance , safe, profit..

Now we talk about this new great project calling " Sol Scalper". A multipair scalper with a tight stop loss of 30 pips work on 26 pairs at the same time...you won't believe about how much your account increase!!

This is another truly gem from Max Brown , won't let you disappointed. Let's make the profit again...

Версия 1.2 2019.06.09
A basic typo
Версия 1.1 2019.06.09
Added trend filter options.