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Forex Easy

The bot is a simple strategy, it buy when moving average on top and sell when moving average on bottom. The different of price to create a small profit. One or two cycle the profit will growing and reach floating profit level then bot will close all order to lock profit.

Bot also provide a hedge pending order to mostly orders. This is to secure when market volatile as we hedge with larger lot size in order to recovery lost within few pips of price dip.

Bot use Trade Event so it to make sense when testing in Tick Mode! Bot buy many for average result so suit to cent portfolio.


  • (1)  Magic=333. 
  • (2)  LotsMinimal=0.01
  • (3)  Risks=10
  • (4)  MarginLimit=10
  • (5)  MultiplyFactors=5 <-------------to set the multiply factor for hedge pending orders volume
  • (6)  TakeLevel=20 <------------------to set the take level of each order in pip
  • (7)  TaketFloatProfit=5 <------------to set the target of floating profit in 1/1000 or account 
  • (8)  HedgeLevel=40 <----------------to set the level in pip for hedge pending orders.

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Версия 2.4 2019.06.07
Fixed Default Parameters
Версия 2.3 2019.06.06
Fixed Bugs