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Copier Multiplier MT4

The utility allows copying trades between different MetaTrader platforms. (MT4, MT5)

The utility has the option: MASTER and SLAVE.

When inserted on a chart with Master option, it copies all trades and make them available to the Slave.

When inserted on a chart with Slave option, it executes all trades supplied by the Master.

MT4 Utility Type of copy

  • MT4 TO MT4
  • MT4 TO MT5

MT5 Utility Type of copy

  • MT5 TO MT5
  • MT5 TO MT4

Modes of Work in one utility

  • MASTER — Copy and Send deals
  • SLAVE     — Receive, Modify (multiply or divide if set), Execute deals


  • Very easy to use.
  • Copier, Multiplier and divider all in one.
  • Cheap and Activation : 10


  • Working Mode : Master sends deals and Slave Receives and executes
  • Slippage: pip max difference allowed before a deal can be executed by Slave.
  • Format Currency (for Master): To remove suffix EURUSD.e, EURUSDpro,  EURUSDz  ,  EURUSD. , EURUSDm If the Slave symbols does not have them.
  • Multiplier/Divider (For Slave): Enter a number greater than 1 to multiply, less than 1 to devide and equal to 1 to copy with the same lot.
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