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Amazing Grid

(The Safer Grid EA)


Amazing Grid is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for forex trading on MetaTrader 4 terminals. It took over six months of trial and error to complete this robot. Amazing Grid is based on a special algorithm that uses four indicators which allows it to predict and anticipate the trading signals that it uses. In this way, the Expert Advisor is able to get a very high-rate of winning trades. 

Most Grid system uses martingale strategy, which increase risk and cause large drawdown.


Amazing Grid does not uses martingale by default.  The lot size of each orders does not increase, every orders opens with the same lot size as the first order.


Amazing Grid Safety features:

·        No Martingale by default

·        Fixed Lot size

·        Flexible Grid steps

·        On Screen Emergency Close buttons

·        Trailing Stop

·        Minimum steps size

·        4 Indicators

·        Equity Stop

·        Maximum trade hours setting

·        Start and Stop time filter

·        Emergency stop cycle



Please download the latest version and back test using Strategy Tester on EUR/USD or AUD/USD on 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour Chart between the periods May 2018 to June 2019 using just the default setting.

Amazing Grid has small drawdown compare to other systems. Amazing Grid is very easy to set up and extremely adaptable. You can customize it to your own trading style.


Please test Amazing Grid for at least 10 days before using it in live account so you will be familiar with all the settings and parameters.


Amazing Grid does not use hedging, so it’s suitable for U.S. customers.

Introduction sales price

$100 for first 10 customers (SOLD 8)

$200 for next 10 customers

$300 for next 10 customers


The recommended pairs are EURSUD, AUDUSD, and EURGBP 

Minimum $1000 account balance for US customers.

Set file are available to anyone who wants it. Just send me a message or leave a comment with your request. You can use my set files but its better if you optimized your own set rather than use mine.

Please test and optimized EA on 5minutes, 15minutes and 1 hours charts to get best results.

WARNING: Amazing Grid EA is a grid based trading strategy. You should not use it, if you are not aware of the risks associated with this type of trading. Do not risk money you cannot afford to lose!

Rob Cain
Rob Cain 2019.06.09 14:00 

Review of Amazing Grid EA, commence date 03/06/2019 1 Month $500 1:100 Demo test, weekly review.

The Amazing Grid is intialy rented for one month in order to forward test (see if it produces results) and optomise (make any results better)

The general process of renting and installing the EA was very easy, 4 set files were forwarded on by the seller and the chosen one installed with ease, help was at hand If required.

The AG (Amazing Grid EA) was set to auto trade with one of the set files supplied by the seller, starting Sunday at open of markets, the chosen cross was EUR/USD, starting balance $500

This is my input from the journal I keep while testing


"Overnight trading and woke up to profit,

great start, results from open were very

quick, in and out, EA is now sitting on open

trades, margin on the $500 account is not

creating any concern"

Throughout the week the AG had very good results, some trades achieved profit very quickly from open, others were part of a cycle, the cycle being, an initial open trade that goes into loss will open another further down the cycle, this structured approach carries on until the price moves back in the right direction, averaging down the profit target, these cycles had very few trades open with little draw down and alway achieved proft.

No stoploss is used in this method, the averaging down of trades at different levels also averages down the profit target ( example, 100 pip target is always 100 pip target)

The claims made by the seller about making profit, certainly in this week are true, (report as attached) I will post each week until the month subscription/rental is complete

Things to add,

If you update AG, make sure you load the set file you were using, it seems the update resets back to default settings (seller been informed)

4 different logics for contoling the trades being opened which can be optomised.

Scaleable, for larger account, achievable for smaller accounts,(Starting lots @ 0.01 for small accounts)

Optomising to find better results for different tradeable options, (currencies, indexesetc..)

Panel on the chart shows all ascociated with open positions, profit, loss,DD.

Buttons to close all positions,(quickly if needed) located on the chart

I have Included some optomising of SP500 that I'm busy working on, with small 0.01 lots the account size can be very small, $100

Will be next week for the next installment, any questions I will gladly help

Humphrey Croiset
Humphrey Croiset 2019.06.06 14:20 

__ Happeee , think abt All d possibilities here - - - atm I just Try to take IT slow & Easeee = BTW this is on Live acct,

do Not Blieve in crappeee demo :) - - - Not usin VPS on this small Live acct.[puter on from 0600/2300 NY time]

____________ C comment post #35,36,40

Версия 1.9 2019.06.16
minor fixed
Версия 1.8 2019.06.14
update with small improvement
Версия 1.7 2019.06.06
fix the panel
Версия 1.6 2019.06.05
fix the min lot issue for some users
Версия 1.5 2019.06.04
Long and Short zone added
Версия 1.3 2019.06.04
Changed the default setting
Версия 1.2 2019.06.03
small bug fix to the info panel
Версия 1.1 2019.05.30
Small changes to display panel.