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AI Generate Trading System for EURUSD

AI Generate Trading System for EURUSD is an Expert Adviser generated by AI application. For the last four years, I had been struggling with finding a good EA, which is able to generate consistent profit, robust, and able to survive the back-testing of 15 year period. Since I could not find one, I developed the system myself.

As of now, AI Generate Trading System consists for EURUSD of more than 40 strategies, and the number is adding up as the EA is continuously maintained and developed. It will be updated every three months so as to make sure that the strategy is still suitable for the current market condition, with a moderate drawdown.

Our conditions are

  1. No hedge, no martingale, no grid or any other type of dangerous practices
  2. Stop loss is set for every order
  3. Limited drawdown
  4. No scalping strategy, as it does not need sophisticated trading conditions or high execution speed
  5. Passed the test on a period of more than 15 years

AI Generate Trading System uses the genetic algorithm to explore all the available strategies. Millions of possibilities were created during the week. They were back-tested for the period of 15 years. Thousands of strategies which could make profit were picked up and tested robustness for handling every condition, i.e. market slippage, wide spreads, price fluctuation, etc. The strategies which passed the test were selected to be part of the combinations. This process endured until the best EA combination was found.

Pairs and timeframe

EURUSD H1 are recommended.

Recommended balance

The minimum recommended balance for the EA's use is $1000.


  • Prefix_MagicNumber: A prefix of unique number is assigned to each trade when it is opened. The EAs now track trades by their magic numbers.
  • Use_MM: Money Management Mode
    • FIX_LOTS = Fix lots Size per trade.
    • RISK_PER_TRADE = If going to Stoploss, the balance will not lose more than Risk.
    • BALANCE_CALCULATION (recommended) = Calculate lots size with balance formula is (balance/100,000*Risk*pip_value_factor).
      lotsize = (balance x Risk)/(100,000 x pip_value_factor)
        pip_value_factor = pip_value >= 1
  • Fix_lots: Use when Use_MM = FIX_LOTS  
Lot size should not more than  Balance / 100,000
  • Risk Size: Use when Use_MM = RISK_PER_TRADE or BALANCE_CALCULATION (recommended is 0.5 - 1.0)
  • ShowOrderDetail: on/off Order detail in UI panel.
  • CustomComment: The comment for each order.
  • Strategy_selection: Recommend / custom

The signal from this EA

AI Generate trading signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/588781

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