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Crypto Master Elite

Crypto Master Elite is an expert advisor which can be used for trading crypto-currencies, it has simple and counter-intuitive rules for determining if the market is bullish or bearish.

There are only four inputs for entries, which you can optimize for different crypto-currencies of your choice, you can also use powerful timing filters and profit protection settings - break-even and trailing stop. 



  • timeFrameToTrade: choose current or any timeframe of your choice (choosing higher timeframe and backtesting on one-minute data will allow you to backtest with highest possible precision)
  • Months To Trade: allowed months for trading (from 1 to 12, separated by comma)
  • Days to Trade: allowed weekdays to trade (from 0 to 6 = Sunday - Saturday, separated by comma)
  • tradingHours: allowed hours to trade (from 0 to 23, separated by comma)


  • fixedStopLoss: fixed stop loss in points


  • fixedTakeProfit: fixed take profit in points


  • fixedLotSize: fixed lot size
  • breakEven (used if > 0 AND if > breakEvenLock): points in profit for breakeven to be activated
  • breakEvenLock: points to secure after breakeven activation
  • trailingStop (used if > 0): trailing stop in points
  • trailWait: defer TS trigger by points of your choice


  • comment: order comment
  • magic: order magic number (shall be different for each instance of the EA)


  • slow period: period for slow internal indicators
  • fast period: period for fast internal indicators
  • OverBought: RSI overbought level
  • OverSold: RSI oversold level

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