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The EA logic based on 10 different Oversold/Overbought indicators.

The main idea of the EA is to trying find a reversal points on the graph based on the oversold/overbought indication from the indicators.

The EA wasn't optimized at all in order to avoid curve fitting , which means it suppose to work in almost all market conditions even if the market is changing fast, as you can see it in the 99% backtest , almost 10 years without blowing up the account, and with a reasonable DD. 

The large amount of parameters can help the user to self optimize it according to his own decision and risk appetite and also to adjust the EA to use New Forex Currencies!


Working currency pairs: EURUSD (can be optimized for other currencies)

Working Time Frame : 15 Min (M15)

Minimum Capital : 300$ USD  , Recommended 1000$ USD.

High leverage 1:500 recommended

VPS to maintain internet connection.


  • Show_Window_Log - Turn off/on the summary window.
  • Long_Factor- Increase this will reduce long orders and vice versa.
  • Short_Factor - Increase this will reduce Shortorders and vice versa.
  • Volatility_Period - Defining the volatility , will impact on trades management.
  • CCI_Factor- Defining the high level long term trend based on CCI.
  • MOVING_AVG_PERIOD_LONG- Defining the high level short term trend for Long orders.
  • MOVING_AVG_PERIOD_SHORT- Defining the high level short term trend for Short orders..
  • Entry_Coefficient - Fine Tuning the entries based on % levels.
  • Trend_Direction_Period - Fined the right moment to open trades based on Moving Average.
  • Max_Step_Factor - How much times to check back.
  • Grid_Min_Distance - The min distance between each new trader , represent as pips not points (ex: 5 = 5.0 pips).
  • Grid_Multiplier - The Lot incremental for the next order (Multiply by the initial Lots).
  • Grid_Max_Trades - The maximum open trades in the same time.
  • TakeProfit - Min take profit target, represent as pips not points 
  • Max Lot - Maximum Lot allowed to be open at the first order only.
  • TrailingStop- Option to use TS, true of false.
  • WhenToTrail- Start to trail after.
  • TrailAmount - How much pips to trail.
  • Use_BreakEven- Option to use BE , true of false.
  • Move_To_Be_After- profit value to move Stop Loss to BreakEven To in pips.
  • Pips_To_Move_To_Be - profit protected by Breakeven.
  • MM- if TRUE, lots are based on the Automatic Money management (Capital % allocation for each lot)
  • Risk - percent of risk to calculate the lot for the first trade.
  • Lots- Initial Lots to use (also for Grid Step Factor).
  • Magic - EA's unique magic number , must be different for each currency.

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2019.05.22 21:20 

becktest strepitoso

appinmotion 2019.05.13 19:26 

This EA looks promising, already 1 winning trade, looking forward!

Версия 2.0 2019.05.19
* Update entries accuracy.