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FairyFibo Auto Trader

FairyFibo Auto Trader uses signals from FairyFibo indicator to enter trades automatically. Although it was originally designed for FairyFibo indicator in mind, it can also serve as a Semi-Automatic trading tool for any market you want to trade without the need for FairyFibo indicator. 

Product Home Page: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38539


  • Works on any market and any time frame
  • Trades simultaneously on any number of markets under the same account. 
  • Can do scalping or Hedging 
  • Withdrawal management feature 
  • Features Hidden Stop Loss and Hidden Take Profit based on money or price
  • Features DailyLossLimit
  • Useful Trading panel with handful amount of smart trading features.


  • MaximumTrades: Maximum number of trades to open for any market. Minimum value is 1. A value more than 1 will activate Hedging mode
  • Trading_Start_Time: First session start time
  • Trading_Finish_Time: First Session end time. Start time must be earlier than finish time. There should be at least 1 minute difference between session finish time and start time. 
  • MaximumSpread: Maximum spread to be allowed. Recommended 5-10. This value will be checked for opening, closing 
  • MaximumSlippage: Maximum Slippage to be allowed. Recommended 3-5. This value will be checked for opening, closing 
  • LotSize: Set the value of fixed lot size if you want to use fixed lot only. 
  • UseAutoStopLossTakeProfit: Set to true to use auto stop loss and take profit value indicated by FairyFibo indicator. If set to false then trade will be executed without any stops and targets
  • UseMoneyBasedHiddenStopLossTakeProfit: If set to true then then trade will be closed when specified loss and target reached
  • MaxLossPerTrade:Set the amount to loss per trade.
  • MaxProfitPerTrade:Set the amount to gain per trade.
  • MaxEquityDrawdown:Maximum equity drawdown in percentage.
  • WithdrawTarget: Put your desired profit level target when you want the EA to enter into a safe mode until the withdraw is made
  • DailyLossLimit: Put your desired profit level target when you want the EA to enter into a safe mode. EA will not place any trade but only manage open trades until the withdraw is made
  • CloseProfitTradesAtTradingFinishTime: If set to true EA will close profit trades based on the value provided in each session's finish time.
  • CloseOppositeTrades: Close current trade when an opposite signal found
  • UseOrderManager: Auto Manage orders if target and stop are not defined
  • MinimumProfitForCloseOpposite: Check for Minimum profit before closing oppsite trades
  • UseExtraCaution: When more than 90% profit obtained lock profit at 80%


  • Auto Trading ON/OFF: By default Auto Trading is on. Clicking this button will turn off auto trading only on that specific chart. 
  • BUY ON/BUY OFF: By default Buying is on. Clicking this button will stop placing buy orders.
  • SELL ON/SELL OFF: By default Selling is on. Clicking this button will stop placing sell orders.
  • CLOSE BUYs: Clcik to close all Buy orders
  • CLOSE SELLs: Click to close all Sell orders
  • CLOSE ALL: Click to close all Open orders
  • CLOSE BY PRICE: Click to Activate closing Buy and Sell order based on referenced price. By default the reference prices will be filled by the Major Projections found on the FairyFibo indicator. If the indicator is not present on the chart then they will be filled with Monthly High and Low values. You can also change these values anytime you want.

Follow these steps to test it in strategy tester:
  1. Download the demo version of this EA in a demo trading terminal where you have atleast 90% quality data of your favorite market.
  2. Download the demo version of FairyFibo Indicator from here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35339
  3. Open FairyFibo Auto Trader in strategy tester with your desired settings and run
  4. Once the chart starts to move then insert or drop the FairyFibo indicator on the chart with your desired settings
  5. Minimize the chart for faster and smooth testing until the test is done


This product has been released only on MQL5.COM .  I do not sell this product on any other sites. 

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Версия 10.0 2020.06.24
Improved Equity Management Algorithm
Версия 9.0 2020.05.19
1. Improved CloseOpposite Algorithm
1. Improved OrderManagement Algorithm
3. Settings added for using OrderManager feature
5. Settings added for Maximum Equity Drawdown
Версия 8.0 2020.04.13
An order management algorithm added in order to assist traders when when maximum number of trades are already opened and if the orders were entered without stop and target. Based on several criteria this algorithm will automatically close orders.
Версия 7.0 2020.03.24
This version includes some semi automatic trading features that can enable users to manage orders through the trading panel along side the auto trading features. Following features added to the trading panel:

1. Auto Trading ON/OFF Button
2. BUY ON/OFF Button
3. SELL ON/OFF Button
4. Close BUY Button
5. Close Sell Button
6. Close All Button
7. Close by Price Activate/Deactivate Button with input fields for closing prices.
Версия 6.0 2020.01.21
With this new version users can now enter trade without placing a stop and target if they want to. This is handy while using MoneyBasedHiddenStopLossAndTakeProfit or PriceBasedHiddenStopLossAndTakeProfit. Please note that UseAutoStopLossTakeProfit must be turned off in order to be able to enter trade without stop and target.
Версия 5.0 2019.12.31
1. Improved ExtraCaution trailing so that when a trade gains more than 75% target then move stop loss to 50% target area. Also when more than 90% target achieved then move stop loss to 80% target area.

2. Close opposite trades has now extra field to decide what is the minimum profit or loss should consider before closing an opposite trade. This field can accept negative value as well to handle loss trades.

3. In order to improve the usability there is now only one trading session. Also ATR trailing and Spike trailing feature has been removed as ExtraCaution and other closing features does the trailing job already.
Версия 4.0 2019.11.27
1. Added the capability to use Stop loss and take profit value from the indicator.
2. Added price based hidden take profits. Useful if someone wants to enter trade without any stops and targets but wants to close the positions when certain price has reached.
Версия 3.0 2019.05.26
1. Added new feature DailyLossLimit
2. Added new feature UseExtraCaution
3. Added Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quartely and Yearly Profit/Loss information on info panel
Версия 2.0 2019.05.20
Added CloseOppositeTrades features. It will close a BUY trade when a Sell signal is available, and it will close a SELL trade when a Buy signal is available.