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Mito Lite

MITO  Lite Expert Advisor uses advanced internal algorithm to measure market sentiments of FX order flow. This is a simplified version of Mito EA which only runs on major pairs and gold

MITO LITE combines sentiment analytics with price action, volatility and other market dimensions to trade the highest probability entry point.

Tracking Accounts

https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/571829 (full pairs)

MITO Lite has been developed and tested for 13 years (2005-2019), 99.9% quality historical tick data over 8 Major FX pairs and Gold. Multiple robustness tests are carried out before a system is qualified for real implementation:

  • Test with 99% tick qualtity, variable spreads and slippage, execution delay simulation
  • All surrounding parameters must give stable, profitable results
  • Correlated pairs must also give profitable results


  • EA Setup is investor-friendly. Setup is very simple with One chart setup. Simply attach the EA to one chart, choose the broker settings and you’re good to go
  • Trades hold from several hours to several days.Each trade always have protective Stop Loss/Take Profit and SL will be moved to Breakeven at an optimized time,reducing equity fluctuation. 
  • SL is from 20 -250 pips while TP is from 50- 400 pips , offering high reward to risk ratio
  • NOT a scalping, hedge, grid or martingale EA. Each trade is independent from others and have high expected payoff (average pip per trade)
  • Can run on all brokers’ execution types. It is not sensitive to broker’s spreads, slippage or execution delay
  • FIFO and low-leverage account compatible
  • Backtested trades match real trading
  • MITO Lite can trade multiple market conditions with multiple sub-systems; MITO  Lite offers a diversified trading portfolio , thus reducing drawdown and enhancing return in the long run


  • All Symbols: true = One Chart Mode, false = trader can attach MITO  Lite to trade preferred pairs
  • Fixed Lot Size/ Lot per Balance / MaxRisk% per trade Money management modes
  • Spreads/ Slippage Filters
  • TradeOneDirectionOnly (useful for FIFO account)
  • GMT Settings: select NY Broker Close / DST Mode (Europe/US) or ManualGMTOffset

Pairs (8 major pairs and Gold)


Timeframe: H1 and H4

One Chart Setup: Enable these pairs in Market Watch -->  Attach Mito LITE to EURUSD H1 Chart, All Symbols = True, System Number = 0 , set correct GMT Adjustment settings --> Check Dashboard GMT Adjustment Time should be the same as Alpari MT4/ EET --> When chart candle closed, check MT4 Journal to see all systems loaded


  • Recommended Brokers: New York Close Broker (GMT+2 +3): Alpari, ICMarkets, TickMill, GlobalPrime etc.
  • Minimum balance: 500$ with 0.01 lot size

*Important for Backtesting:

For proper backtest, set All Symbols = False, System_Number = 0. Backtest Timeframe H1 only ( as the systems use H1 and H4 TF to trade), preferably to test in Every Tick

Change GMT Adjustment settings so GMT Adjustment Time is the same with Alpari MT4 or European Eastern Time (EET). The easiest way is to use a NY Close Broker (Alpari, ICMarkets etc.) then select appropriate DST settings ( Europe/US).

EA only acts when H1 Candle closes so Open Price testing is similar to Every Tick testing

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Версия 2.4 2019.05.12
Additional EURJPY, GBPJPY strategies
Версия 1.7 2019.04.26
fix dashboard display
Версия 1.5 2019.04.25
fix a bug in some rare case SL was not moved to breakeven
Версия 1.3 2019.04.23
fix minor bugs
Версия 1.2 2019.04.23
Fix a minor backtesting timeframe bug