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Spreads HFT

If you ever wondered about the spread distribution this tool enables you to have a peak at that.

It will monitor the spreads of all instruments in marketwatch and plot them on the chart in one go.

I was talking about the ingredients in the trading soup yesterday when we were looking at volumes which is one ingredient.

Spread is another one, you want to purchase your instrument as cheap as possible.

And if it is too expensive it could be best to pass, or to look for a better choice.

This means a comparison will have to be made, and this is where fast tools come into play.

Especially when and around news events...

This indicator takes a lot of resources it is not recommended to run for extended periods of time because it might slow down the terminal.

If you want to know more ingredients in the soup, have a look at my other tools in the market.

sunnychow 2019.05.04 15:25 

thanks for share

Версия 2.0 2019.04.24
2 small bugfix.