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RSI Ultimate Scalper

Take a EA Scalper with 99,9% Backtest and with more than 300% in 15 months With Less Drawdown!!!

A separate real account is attached to the product, where you can constantly monitor all trading results: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/578044

Fully automated Scalper EA, easy and simple. Combined the RSI indicator with the ADX indicator for entry and for exits. The RSI Ultimate Scalper use also a recovery strategy to reduce the drawdown on the account.


  • ECN Broker (not mandatory but preferable)
  • Use VPS server
  • Symbol - All but preferable the majors pairs
  • Minimum Deposit - 300 USD 
  • Before using the EA on a real account, test it with minimal risk or on a demo account

set. Files for Downloads

EURUSD.set   EURGBP.set   EURCAD.set   USDSGD.set


  • Magic Number - number to indentify your EA

    • EMA_Period - here you can define the period of the EMA indicator
    • MA Method - chose the method to calculate the MA
    • Applied Price - Chose which price will be use to calculate the EA
    • RSI_Period - the period of the RSI
    • RSI_Low_Value - the value that the EA will open Long positions
    • RSI_High_Value - the value that the EA will open Short positions
    • ADX Period - The period for the ADX (used as a filter to open positions)
    • ADX_Value - From this value will be open positions
  • OPEN REVERSAL ORDERS - should be used to reduce the drawdown
    • Open_Rev_Long_Cr_Above - when the RSI cross above this point will be start to open long positions
    • Open_Rev_Short_Cr_bellow- when the RSI cross bellow this point will be start to open short positions
    • Close_Rev_Long_Cr_Above - when the RSI cross above this point will be close long positions
    • Close_Rev_Short_Cr_bellow - when the RSI cross above this point will be close short position
    • TP_RSI - used to close Long Positions
    • SL_RSI - Used to close Short Position
    • Close_after_Last - if you used mare than 1 open position, close all positions when the last open reach a profit in Pips
    • RSI_Close_Buy_Positions - lower than this point all Long will be closed
    • RSI_Close_Sell_Positions - lower than this point all Long will be closed
    • Eq_Bal_Factor - close with profit in 2 means 0,2% per trade
    • NextOpenTradeaftertime - the next trade will be open after...bars
    • Max Open Long Trades - the max number of open Long trades
    • Max Open Short Trades - the max number of open Short trades
    • MM Position Size - 1 Lot per position size (higher values lower risk up to 100000)
    • MaxDrawDown - your maximal Drawdown
  • Time Filter
    • TOD_From_Hour
    • TOD_From_Min
    • TOD_To_Hour
    • TOD_To_Min
  • Trading Days - True or false, choose the days that will be open trades


For Backtesting based on 99,9% data from 1st January 2018

If you are using data with lower precision than 99.9%, you may have different results!!

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Версия 3.1 2019.05.13
Version 3.1

Some code improvements and new Set. Files available
Версия 3.0 2019.05.11
Possibility to choose between Fix Lote size or Position sizing
Версия 2.0 2019.04.29
Version 2.0

1) Info Panel was Added, now you can see your profit daily, number of trades (win/lost)