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Arden Easy Trading EA Tool

Arden Easy Trading Tool And EA

Main Features:

  • Simple Graphic Interface
  • Simple Parameter Settings, Easy To Learn
  • No Need Risky Martingale Strategy To Make Profit 
  • Can Instantly Change Between Manual Trade Or Auto Trade
  • Maximum 1 Order Sell And 1 Order Buy For Auto Trade Every xxx pips(set in settings), No Limit For Manual Trade
  • Keyboard Button Easy Buy And Sell Instantly with Take Profit And Stop Loss (Must Click The Chart First To Let It On Top Of Other Window)
  • Start And Stop Loss Trailing
  • Easy Change Lot Size with Single Button, Up to 10 x
  • Simple Double Time Frame Signals
  • Automation EA Trading With 99% Profit With The Right Settings

Input Parameters:

  • Lot Size (Customize able With Button 1 to 0 For 1 x to 10 x)
  • Take Profit (Maximum Profit per Trade)
  • Stop Loss (Maximum Loss Per Trade)
  • May Repeat Buy Or Sell Over xxx pips, this make the ea can trade 1 buy or sell within xxx pips
  • Trailing Start (Minimum Order Profit Pips Before Starting Trailing Stop)
  • Trailing Stop (Trailing Stop Loss When Profit Takes Higher)
  • Magic Number (Magic Number For This EA)
  • Signal Time Frame 1 (Lower Time Frame)
  • Signal Time Frame 2 (Higher Time Frame)

How To Use:

  • Just Drag The EA File To Your Chart you want to use the EA.
  • Or Move The EA File To your MT4 expert folder, then At The Navigator-Expert Advisors, Double Click Or Drag To the Chart
  • Trading Duration About Day To Month
  • Tested Settings GBPUSD, Deposit 10 k US$ From 2018/07/09 To 2019/03/27, with 2 lot per transaction, Balance over 90 k
  • For Recommendation for US$ 150 Capital use 0.01 Lot Size
  • You May Also Try Other Settings Fit You Best. Thanks
Trading Result in Tester : Link

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