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RAA Expert

RAA Epert  is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for Scalping Trading and Intraday Trading. It is based on 3 different indicators, RSI, ATR and ADX. RAA Expert is able to be very profitable and very secure on nearly every Forex Pair.

Backtests are done from beginning January 2018, just to have an idea for parameters. But we don't believe much in backtest, as you don't know what will happen in near Future. So the setfiles I will provide, are done by real market conditions.

The Expert Advisor uses the indicators to identify the entry points.

For this EA you will need to have knowledge about Optimizing EA's and the MT5 Strategie Tester, nearly all Settings are customizable, so you can set the EA to your wishes.


  • Recommended Timeframes for scalping are M5, M15,maybe also M30.
  • Recommended Timeframes for Trends are H1, H4 and Daily.
  • Works on ECN Accounts and normal Accounts.
  • Recommended Leverage is between 1:200 and 1:500
  • VPS is always recommended, for scalping you will need on with low latency.
  • Default Desposit should be 1000$ for every Pair you want the EA to work on, but also  depends on the settings you are using. If you are not sure, contact me.

RAA Settings:

  • Magic Number - Set the ID of the EA Orders
  • Max Spread - Maximal spread to open orders

Money Management:

  • Use Money management - If set to true, it uses this option
  • Lotsize - Only used if MM is set to false, then it will use fix lotsize which you can enter here.
  • % of Risk per 1K $ - IF MM set to true, it will use this option, 1% per 1k $ will be 0.01 Lots.
  • Opposite Close - Means, if the EA opens a new Order when there is a new signal on opposite direction, it will close the Order(s) from before.
  • Take Target - You can set a Take Profit Value here, leave it 0 when using trailing stop function. Note: Take Target uses the average Value of the open orders together.
  • For example, if there are 3 Orders open, and Take Target is set to 50 Points, it will calculate the value from the 3 orders together and close the 3 Positions if the Target      is hit.
  • Stop Target - It is the Stop Loss Value in Points. Other to the Take Target, the SL is calculated for each order separatly and is not averaged.
  • Partial close - If set to true, it will close 50% of the lot opened, after X Points which is defined in the next Option.
  • Close 50% after X Points - Works only if Partial Close is enabled, then it will close half lotsize after X Points.
  • Use ATR SL - When set to True, it will use ATR Stop Loss Method. The Width of the Stop is then determined by multiplicating the Value of Average True Range(ATR).
  • ATR SL Ratio - Multiplicated by X, Result in Points.
  • Use Trailing Stop - When set to true, will use this function. The Trailing Settings as Start, Step and Stop should be clear.
  • Use Breakeven - If set to true, will put the SL Value on breakeven
  • Move BE After - Set here the Breakeven Value in Points (Mostly depends on spread used by your Broker
  • Max Opened Trades - This will set to open Trades each Candle, as long as conditions by RSI are met.
  • Custom Comment - You can set a commment to define

Indicator Settings:

RSI Settings:

  • Use RSI - Set to true to use RSI
  • Use RSI Reverse Rule - Example: If rsi touches upper Level, will open a    buy Poition, instead of sell position
  • Use RSI "Way-back" - When enabled, rsi must cross higher level and          then go back to next Level, before opening a trade
  • RSI Period - Set RSI Period here
  • RSI Price - Chose Method here
  • RSI Shift Bar - Set to open order on next candle or not

Further Settings should be self explaining. 

Feel free to contact me for any questions you have.



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