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Alert Executor EA

This Expert place trades from the Indicators alerts. You may set one, two, three trades, depends on the indicator with one single Stop-Loss. It's designed as a complement to many indicators in the market.

The EA will monitor the opens operations based on the assigned ID number. After the first level will be reached, the Expert moves the stop-loss. Depends on the selection made in the to the MoveStopLoss parameter, the new stop loss will be moved either to the StopLoss_1 value or to the breakeven; and after the second level, the stop-loss will move again ahead to minimize the loss to the breakeven or the first Take Profit value. You must restart it any time want to place a new trade. That way will avoid the opening of other operations after all trades are closed. If you set the Parameter OrderQuantities to TwoOrders, a third operation will not be executed.

If Risk = 0, then Lots will be opened by the corresponded values of "Lotsparameter.

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Версия 2.1 2019.03.14
A simplified code version with some arrangements of the External Parameters.