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Grid Hammer

IMPORTANT! Price for first 10 copies of this EA is $80, then it will be increased to $150.

Grid Hammer is a fully automated EA that works with a smart grid management technology. It search for short-term opportunity and it try to find the best winning ratio without using the grid. Can work both on only closed candle prices or every tick (you can choose it). I suggest to use on every tick mode to catch high volatility explosions and their retracements. M15 is the preferred timeframe but, of course, you can try to backtest and optimize its variables for different timeframes.

I suggest to use this system on specific pairs making a good differentiation: for example, use on different pairs that are not direcly correlated to the same currency. A good set of pairs can be the following:


This EA can open multiple cycles: this means that EA can open a new cycle of orders when a cycle is already opened. This function is made to avoid grid freezing and large drawdowns allowing the EA to continue working.

It has also an hedge function to avoid high exposition, mantaining low drawdown (the thing that most grid EAs are suffering from). These hedge orders are opened max 1 for cycle and only after the distance from last order is reached.

Closure are made with baskets functions. It is possible to use Basket based on cycles, orders type or total basket for symbol.

Distance between orders within a cycle can be calculated with fixed pips amount or ATR.

Dynamic lots function will not only calculates lots based on balance but also calculates basket profit and loss amounts (maintaing the wanted ratio between them). Basket Profit will be calculated based on desired profit pips based on the first order of the cycle (first dynamic lot size calculated). For example, if I choose 10 pips for dynamic profit it means that the basket profit target will be the amount of money calculate on 10 pips on the first grid order.


Input variables explaination:

  • Magic Number : ID of EA orders.
  • Description on Order Comment : add a custom comment to orders.
  • Max retries : retry attempt if OrderSend or OrderClose fails.
  • Maximum spread allowed: block order opening if spread is > than this value (in points)
  • Enable time filter: avoid EA to open (and close) orders in specific time.
  • Start hour: starting hour of EA operation.
  • End hour: end hour of EA operation.
  • Grid order distance in pips: distance between grid orders (This value will be ignored if you select ATR)
  • Use ATR for grid order distance: self explaining
  • Use Dynamic lots: automatically calculate lot sizes, hedge sizes and basket P/L amounts based on balance
  • Profit pips: pips of profit for basket profit closure calc
  • Profit/Loss ratio: ratio between profit/loss of basket (50 means for 1$ of profit $50 of loss will be used)
  • Risk factor: size of first grid order (all other will be calculated from it)
  • Lot sizes: in order, lot sizes that will be opened (if using dynamic lots you can ignore them).
  • Maximum trades within a cycle: number of maximum trades allowed for each cycle (hedge excluded) Max. 5
  • Hedge enable: hedge opening when max num. of trades (and hedge distance) is reached for each cycle.
  • Hedge distance in pips: distance from last cycle's order. When this distance is reached an hedge order will be opened.
  • Hedge sizes: in order, hedge lot sizes for each cycle. (First cycle will use hedge size#1, second cycle will use hedge size #2....)
  • SRS enable: allow EA to open a new cycle if a cycle in the same direction is already opened and in loss.
  • Multiply lot sizes: new cycle’s orders size opened respecting SRS distance will be multiplied
  • SRS distance: new SRS cycle can start if this distance is reached from last order of existing cycle.
  • Basket CYCLE closure: close orders within a cycle (with its own hedge) if following P/L values match.
  • Basket TYPE closure: close cycles of the same type (with its own hedges) if following P/L values match.
  • Basket TOTAL closure: close ALL orders on the symbol if following P/L values match.
  • Use Trailing Basket function: trailing stop based on basket Profits (Like a normal trailing stop but based on P/L and not pips).
  • Mobile notification alerts: notify on mobile for basket closures.
  • Use GUI: use the info GUI panel.

Make backtests to understand how the EA works!!!

Contact me if you need further clarifications!

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