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Super Grid Lock

Super Grid Lock

 This EA does not matter where the price goes - up or down... He always earns. 

This is an expert Advisor that will never lose your money if you combine the necessary risks.

The EA opens a lot of orders and therefore can be used to make money on the return of the spread.

You will need to register with the company rebate, for example: https://fxcash.net/

The EA builds a network of orders and if the price goes in the right direction, it closes all orders with a specified profit.

If the price is reversed, opposite pending orders are activated and new ones are placed according to the trend.

Which are also locked by placing opposite pending orders.. As a result, all open orders will be closed with a specified profit after some time. 

It is possible to use martingale.

Currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURJPY and other volatile pairs. 

Time frame M1 - H4 

The required minimum Deposit is $ 5000 or cents;  lot 0.01 - for $ 1000.  

For the EA to work, you need a broker with 5-digit quotes and which allows you to open a large number of orders (more than 200). 

Version 1.2 will work on 4-digit and 5 - digit quotes.  

The spread is preferably not more than 3 (30).    


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Версия 1.3 2019.03.28
Code editing. That increased the profitability of the adviser.