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The developer Leonardo Ciaccio is not accountable for any eventual economic loss due to the use of “iMartingala”. iMartingala is not exempted from bugs, therefore its use is highly recommended with fictional accounts rather than real ones; otherwise, the user will be the only one accountable for economic losses.


iMartingala is an expert advisor for the trading platform Metatrader 4, and uses an advanced trades management technology, with an algorithm which has been specifically created to optimise risk recovery, though leaving a wide personalisation margin to the user.

In order to ensure a proper functioning, please keep in mind that the terminal must be running and iMartingala must be set on the proper graphic while connected to the server; otherwise, the trades management will not work.


iMartingala has many parameters and we do not all enter in this description but you can download it in pdf format from this address https://sinfoniamt4.altervista.org/pub/iMartingala/iMartingala%20ENG.pdf

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