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Directional Key To Change Demo

Do you think it's a bit cumbersome when you need to switch symbols or timeframes with mouse click?

1. What is this?

This is a program that can switch symbols and timeframes with direction keys.

I wrote this program in the form of indicator. So you can load other EAs, indicators or run other scripts.

This is DEMO version, you can only switch the first 8 Symbol in Market Watch.

If you like it, This link go to no limited version:https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/36113

2. How to use it

When you load the program:

  • The direction key UP is to switch to the previous symbol in market watch.
    • PS:  When the chart is the first symbol, Key UP will switch to the last symbol.
  • The direction key DOWN is to switch to the next symbol in market watch.
    • PS:  When the chart is the last symbol, Key DOWN will switch to the first symbol.
  • The direction key LEFT is to decrease the timeframes.
    • PS:  When the timeframe is M1, Key LEFT will switch to the MN1 timeframe.
  • The direction key RIGHT is the increase time frame.
    • PS:  When the timeframe is MN1, Key RIGHT will switch to the M1 timeframe.

3. Parameters:

bool AllTimeFrames = false; //Whether to use All Time Frames

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