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Team Austria

Hello friends,
The EA works only when the entered range is reached and then positions are opened and continued in the trailing mode.
We recommend a broker with low spread or ECN accounts or zero spread.
The settings are specially adjusted for EURUSD except for FIX Lot I would enter Percent and enter the risk from 2-50.
We have the EA over 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 years with 99.9 percent modeling quality with spread between 0 and 10.
There are always very good results.
I would not immediately lose my nerve if the EA goes down in the beginning because that's normal.
The EA is designed so that you can already train with 100 USD, but you should not set FIX LOT but percent because when it goes down he gets more and more out with the multiplier the higher the profit.

Test the EA so you understand it too.

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Версия 4.0 2019.02.22
Visual change,
exact settings for EURUSD ECN, zero spread accounts.
Reverse function was built in -> true / false
MAx LOTsettings