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Black Bull

Black Bull is an intelligent fully automated expert advisor. It is designed to find overbought and oversold market levels within trends using a dedicated artificial intelligence module consisting of a well trained neural network.
This expert does not use dangerous strategies! You always have full control over all trade parameters like volume, maximum orders, maximum spread or slippage!

The internal artificial intelligence module of Black Bull will be constantly updated whenever new market conditions arise.


It is recommended to use Black Bull on the following supported currency pairs:
  • ... more to come!

The timeframe is M5.


  • Money Management - Either use a fixed volume or a percentage of the accounts' free margin.
  • Percentage Risk per Trade - What percentage of free margin to risk per trade.
  • Fixed Volume - The fixed lotsize to use for each trade.
  • Take Profit - Take profit level in points.
  • Distance to Next Order - The level when Black Bull opens the next order. Only active if Max Orders is bigger than one!
  • Maximum Number of Orders per Symbol - Black Bull will never open more orders on a symbol than allowed by this parameter!
  • Real/Virtual Stop Loss Tolerance - Black Bull uses a virtual as well as a real stop loss. To avoid triggering of the real stop loss too early when markets move quickly, set this tolerance parameter.
  • Starting Hour - The starting hour when Black Bull begins to trade in london time (GMT+0).
  • Ending Hour - The ending hour when Black Bull stops trading in london time (GMT+0).
  • Maximum Accepted Spread - Maximum spread for Black Bull to trade.
  • Maximum Accepted Slippage - Maximum slippage for Black Bull to trade.
  • Comment - A comment attached to each order.
  • Magic Number - A unique number identifying this EA.

Further Remarks

The time settings of this expert are all in london time (GMT+0). These times are independent of your local timezone or the timezone of your broker.
If you wish to change these settings to better suit your trading schedule, you have to convert the times of your timezone to london time (GMT+0).

For the maximum number of trades it is recommended to run Black Bull on all the supported currency pairs at the same time. There is no need to change the magic number when operating Black Bull on multiple symbols.

To achieve optimal performance it is advised to use a low spread ECN broker. Minimum recommended deposit is $500.

Gdamjb 2019.02.24 17:21   

Hi Niklas:

Can´t manage to get the same results as your statements, would you mind sharing your set files?

Thanks and regards