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This tool is part of trade copy series which designed for copy trade from(to) MT4 or MT5 terminal on local PC.

There is four utilities about the trade copy series:

1. TradeCopy(on MetaTrader 4)

2. TradePaste(on MetaTrader 4)

3. TradeCopyMT5(on MetaTrader 5)

4. TradePasteMT5(on MetaTrader 5)

TradeCopy(Send signal) is free, but you should buy TradePaste(Recieve signal) to make it work together.

TradeCopy has only two params:

1. ServerName(If you have more than 1 terminal to send signal you should change this name,otherwise leave it as default)

2. SymbolSuffix(If your platform has currency like EURUSD.m,GBPUSD.m,etc...You should fill the '.m' on this setting)

xloong 2019.04.24 15:29