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Ultra Power MACD

Ultra Power MACD Basket Trader


MACD Smartingale Basket Trader

Tired of complicated Trading systems?

Searching for an easy system with constant profits?

Here we go...


The Ultra Power MACD Trader is a fully automated Expert Advisor with the use of a smart martingale system (Calculates the martingale multiplier according to your defined trace in pips) as an option.

The beauty of a Basket Trader is the function to calculate for all open trades of the same symbol and the same direction a break even point.

From there the defined Take Profit will start.

The protentional of a Basket Trader is enormous. See the result Nov + Dec 2018.

This is an EA which you set up and forget about. Let the robot do it's job.


General Recommendations

Default settings recommend for EURUSD M15.


Input parameters

The product works on all Forex pairs.

Specify values in pips and it will automatically recalculate everything nevertheless what digit broker you are using.


Money management:

you can choose between:

1)    Fixed Lotsize and

2)    incremental lotsize or

Smart Martingale (starting with the value of incremental Lotsize).


1) Fixed Lotsize the standard is set to 0.0


2) Incremental Lotsize the standard is set to 0.01. Incremental Lotsize is starting with a value x, each new position of the same symbol (EURUSD e.g) and the same direction (buy e.g.) will add this value x. E.g. Trade 1 = 0.01 ; Trade 2 = 0.02 ; Trade 3 = 0.03, a.s.o till Trade 20

3)     Stopploss the standard is set to 250, to allow the Basket Trader to do his work

4)     Take profit the standard is set to 25


5)    Smart Martingale the standard is set to false; here you can activate the Smart Martingale. If activated, the Multiplier will be calculated in Pos 6


6)    Calculator for Martingale the standard is set to 25 % Trail. This results in a Multiplier for the next Martingale position of 3.


MACD settings:

1)     MACD Fast EMA

2)     MACD Slow EMA

3)     Threshold in pips



1) comment: Here you can enter a name for your EA to identiy same in an external evaluation tool

2) Show comment the standard is set to true.

You should deactivate it when running the tester. In the live version it is quite useful as it is showing:

1.     Total open buy order

2.     Total open buy lots

3.     Break Even of buys

4.     Total open sell orders

5.     Total open buy lots

6.     Break Even of sells

7.     Account balance

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