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Below you will find the explanation of the complete version of MultiCurrencyCTX not yet published. MultiCurrencyCTX Strategy Explanation up to version 1.331 MultiCurrencyCTX  is an Expert Advisor based on ADX indicator and on the DXY index of the US dollar which allows to identify the strength of the US dollar and therefore carry out Buy or Sell operations on the currencies correlated to it. The EA uses the following currencies for its trading activity: EURUSD - GBPUSD – USDJPY – USDCAD - USDCH
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This Expert Advisor is our latest trading system and it is designed to work with EURUSD and GBPUSD . This EA produces good results with medium spreads. It opens a market order following the market trend and then it opens  Market Orders with different amount of lots to close all orders or single order in profit with small amounts. To close trades, it uses a cumulated closing function or a closing function for each trade opened. It works with  all time frames, better with lower TF,  and you can us
This EA opens trades when a trend inversion occurs. Trades are normaly closed one by one. When an open trades must be recoverd, the EA opens reverse trades using the same criteria of standard orders. This is  the free and limited version of the FRT PriceAction Pro.  I suggest to use this EA, first with EURUSD at M1 or D1 , on an ECN account with a good leverage and low spread + commissions (not over 7 USD per lot). If you attach the robot to more than one parity on the same account, remember to
NearTheMarket is a fully automated trading EA  with an excelent predicting criteria to enter into Market. First it opens market orders, buy or sell, with a predefined Take Profit. If after a specified time the trade is still open, the robobot deletes the Take Profit and opens a limited order with a lots amount equal to a multiple of lots of the market order. The mission of the robot is to get the PayOffPrice (average price of the net position) closer to market price. Again, if open orders are on