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The Maverick is a fully automated EA design for trading EURUSD pair. It is design to trade along the trend and also trade during reversal. It uses adaptive grid strategy.

In adaptive grid strategy the distance between the trade is not fixed, the entry of next trade is base on most favorable market condition to close the trade in profit.

So the risk associated with normal  grid/Martingale  strategy is considerably reduced. The EA do not trade frequently. It will take the trade only when trend is buildup. 

The strength of this EA is able to handle very large capital and  compound the profit it gain from every trade.     

Back tested for 10 years (2010 to 2018) of real tick data and passed successfully. 


  • EA Settings            : Use default settings or set files.
  • Symbol                  : EURUSD.
  • Time Frame          : M30.
  • Brokers                 : ECN brokers, low spread/commission, 1:500 leverage,  not a FIFO compliance 
  • Minimum Deposit  : $600 USD.

Money Management:

     Withdraw the 50% of profit every 3 months until your initial deposit is recovered.     


  • MagicNum                  Magic number of EA for trade identification.
  • StartHour                  Trade starting hours.  
  • EndHour                    : Trade ending hours .
  • FridayTrade               : Enable/Disable trade on Friday.
  • MondayTrade             Enable/Disable trade on Monday.
  • FixlotSize                  : fix Lot size.
  • IsFixLotsSize              : Enable/Disable auto increment of lot size .
  • MaxTakeProfit            : Max Take Profit.
  • MaxStoplost               : Max Stop lost.
  • LostSizeIncrementAt : lot size increment by 0.01 for this amount.  
  • TradeOperation         : Can assign to monitor the trade it will not take any new trade.      
  • TradeDirection          : User can specify the direction of trade. by default it is both short and long direction.
  • TradeDisable             : EA will not enter any new trade.
  • TradeComment          : comment on each trade
  • HideDisplayScreen     : user can set to true for back testing. It will speed up the back testing. 
  • Turbo                        : When turbo is turned on It will additional trade on top of main trade. So it may increase the draw-down. The draw-down can be reduce by increasing "LostSizeIncrementAt"  from 500 default to 900 or higher.  By default Turbo is true. if user do not want additional trade the turbo option can be set to false. 


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Версия 1.1 2019.01.14
1. added turbo option. The turbo option can be true or false. when it is set true it will add additional trade on top of the main trade