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Babe Knight Reporter

Babe Knight Reporter

To Export your all account history. Good for strategy analysis, improve your system

Follow these steps to do:

1. Activate Script:

- Drag and Drop the Script from Navigator-> Script->(Market - if any)->'Babe Knight Reporter' to the one of any chart

- Change file name if you want to (Picture number 1 bellow)

- Ok

2. Get exported file 

- Click: File -> Open Data Folder

- Open folder: MQL4->Files

- Open your exported file: 'Your file name'.csv (Picture number 2 bellow)

3. Convert to excel cells

- Controll+A (Command+A) to select all

- Click menu 'Data' -> Text to Columns -> (Choose) Delimited-> (Click) Next-> (Choose) Semicolon -> (Click) Next -> (Click) Finish (Picture number 3 bellow)

- Then we have excel file, you can use this file to do your own target (Picture number 4 bellow)

- Format:

OrderTicket | OrderOpenTime | OrderType | OrderLots | OrderSymbol | OrderOpenPrice| OrderStopLoss | OrderTakeProfit | OrderCloseTime | OrderClosePrice | OrderCommission | OrderSwap | OrderProfit | OrderMagicNumber | OrderComment 

This is the small utility tool from myautoforextrading@gmail.com. Any problem just contact me.

Happy and Safe Trading!

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