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Elnagdy Power Magic MT5

Hello ,

There are some people who sent me to the work of ُElnagdy Power Magic from Meta-trader 4 to Meta-trader 5
So I created It And I wish To you profits and happiness :)

Elnagdy Power Magic® is a 100% automated trading system. Read My Blog https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/724069

You Will Not see Like This EA In Profits You Need Only Power VPS And Power Broker Connect For Fast Do Orders.

its work in any Symbol ( BackTest And Use The Best result and Low DD ) but i Favorite Work on Chart GBPUSD , GBPJPY , USDJPY , EURUSD ( Open Four Pairs On Chart M1 GBPUSD , GBPJPY , USDJPY , EURUSD)

I Recommend your Spread Max = 1.5 Pips

I Recommend Your Account Start From 1:500 to Above

I Recommend Your Account Work on VPS MQL5 until take single under 4 ms fast , Or Any VPS Else

I Recommend Your Account Digital 6 Number ( Mean your price symbol like = 1.11110 , No = 1.1111 or like = 111.111 Not = 111.11 )

Work in Chart M1 Only

Minimum deposit: $100

SLP = Slippage ( If Your Account Not Create Order More Like Your Test Then Change SLP , SLPC From 0 To 2 )

BuySell Percent mean = 1 like 0.01 lot ,  = 3 like 0.02 lot And Above like that ( from you write will up auto percent from your capital )

SEF = you can change it from 45 to above test and the best in profits and Safety take it

Advise :- If you have a large capital, divide the amount by four, if the capital is small, divide it by two, then put the output in your account, which you will sign in, and then withdraw your profits daily or weekly, at the end of the day or week.

Make a profit collection with the entire capital and re-operate that section again, and enter the new product again for trading the next day or the next week, continue to do so, to protect the capital.

All customers who purchased Elnagdy Power Magic should communicate
With me here or on the private in Messages to be with you step by step
Give you the necessary setups and respond to your inquiry

Thank you

Note : Elnagdy Power Magic operates according to standards set by it.
If these criteria occur, Buy and Sell are made.
In case of non-occurrence, there is no Deal.
Therefore it is possible to establish buy and sell transactions during the month and may not create any deal.
But most of these standards are available monthly or weekly.

Valter Oliveira
Valter Oliveira 2019.01.21 02:59 

The seller is very attentive and responds quickly to any questions about the product.

The strategy used by the EA to open and close orders is sensitive to the type of account used and the quality of the MT5 terminal connection to the broker's server.

I rented the product for a month for testing, on a live account.

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