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Netsrac ADR Dashboard Free

    The intention of the dashboard is to provide a quick overview of the daily, weekly and monthly range of configured assets. In "single asset mode" the dashboard shows you possible reversal points directly in the chart, thus making statistics directly tradable. If a configured threshold is exceeded, the dashboard can send a screen alert, a notification (to the mobile MT4) or an email. 

    There are various ways of using this information. One approach is that an asset that has completed nearly 100% of its average daily movement shows a tendency to reverse. Another approach is to observe the assets, which has a very low volatility compared to the average. Now the challenge is to trade the breakout from this low volatility.

    These are just two possible strategies for which the dashboard can be an important aid. Discover the possibilities!

    For full description of the controls, please watch my blog entry (https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/732999).

    Please note: This is the free version of Netsrac ADR Dashboard, which can be found at  https://www.mql5.com/de/market/product/33805. You can only watch three underlyings with the free version. The "Single Asset Mode" works only with AUDNZD!
    This indicator can not be used in the Strategy Tester. So the demo version here from the market does not work. Please use the free version of the indicator for testing.

    Отзывы 1
    sunnychow 2018.12.15 17:19 

    Thanks for sharing

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    sunnychow 2018.12.15 17:19 

    Thanks for sharing

    Версия 3.8 2020.08.18
    Fixed: bug which can produce "division by zero - error"
    Версия 3.7 2020.06.02
    - Small fix: Headings now can have it's own color (some people had problems with the colors)
    Версия 3.6 2020.04.20
    - fix on the prefix/suffix function
    Версия 3.5 2020.04.20
    - Added variable to input prefix and suffix
    Версия 3.4 2020.04.19
    - New variable OF17 to change the dashboard resolution to fit better on small screens
    Версия 3.3 2020.02.28
    * alert system improvements - new lock alert mode for less annoying alerts
    * the values for the average daily, weekly and monthly range are now updated regularly
    * some detail improvements
    Версия 3.2 2020.01.22
    * bugfix: target line label remains on chart after closing the indicator
    * bugfix: if using a template with ADR-Dashboard in single asset mode, the name of the asset is not changing
    * suggestion implemented: choose, if the indicator opens new charts in the same or in a new window
    Версия 3.1 2020.01.21
    * Fixed a small bug in the alert system (alert time out had no effect in dashboard mode).
    Версия 3.0 2020.01.21
    * completely redesigned - please read the description and my blog entry
    Версия 2.4 2019.04.10
    - Bugfix and improvements in Alert-Engine
    Версия 2.3 2019.04.01
    - New Single Asset Mode to use the dashboard for one asset on the chart
    - optional: projection of Daily Target High/Low (DTH/DTL) in the chart (in Single Asset Mode)
    - Redesign of the Alert-Engine (now fewer but better alerts)
    Версия 2.2 2019.03.19
    - improvement in the view of Daily Target High/Low
    Версия 2.1 2019.02.11
    - "unused" area up- and downwards (DTH/DTL) added to easier spot a potential reversal
    Версия 2.0 2019.01.18
    - now Comparison of a configurable ADR with the reference ADR possible
    - Extend the dashboard by percentages for each comparison value
    - Free configurable graphics schema