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Hedge Expert

Hedge Expert

Hedge Expert - EA works on correlation strategy between currency pairs.
Thereby it hedges the order opened on one currency pair by opening of the order on second currency pair.
Currency pairs it is possible to choose any, on your discretion.
If the price goes to the opposite side, EA is averaged, adding orders against a trend through distance "PipStepAddOrder".
At an input in transaction EA considers quantity of bars which you have specified in parametre "BarsCount" = 500.
And also the minimum divergence between pairs - parametre "PairsOpen" = 200 (counted for 500 bars).
Orders are closed on the all profit - parametre "CloseBasketProfit" = 100. 

EA it is impossible to test in a tester - it multiple currency. 

Pairs - any (EURUSD - USDCHF), (EURUSD - GBPUSD) and other...

EA it is established on one currency pair (Pair1).

The second currency pair we write in options (Pair2). 

Timeframe H1

Lot 0.01 - for 500$

The EA can be set to 1 pair, for example, EURUSD.

To do this, use these settings:

Pair1       = "";

Pair2       = "EURUSD";

Pair1Magic  = 123;

Lots              = 0.01;

PipStepAddOrder   = 500;

CloseBasketProfit = 100;

BarsCount         = 500;

PairsOpen        = -100; 

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