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Arrow Trends Scalper HFT

Arrow Trends Scalper HFT for FOREX trading. This robot is very useful for everyone. I'll give full support for Trading.                

                                       ****Please saw the image for input settings****

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Arrow Trends Scalper HFT Features
  1. Fully automated trading 24/5.
  2. Always uses Stop Loss to protect capital.
  3. Trailing stop used for closing position.
  4. Fixed lot size and margin percentage are used.
  5. You can set time limitation for the EA operations.
  6. Equity protection available, Stop trading if Equity is less than xxx$

Arrow Trends Scalper HFT Advantages

1. Easy to use

2. Low Draw dawn

3. Monthly average return

4. Professional 

Trading Requirements ( for Good profitable Trading)
  1. ECN account is highly recommended.
  2. Recommended fairs EURUSD and GBPUSD
  3. Default Trading settings are recommended.
  4. A good broker with low slippage and low spread. Exness ECN account recommended.
  5. Use only five-digit accounts.
  6. Please use high speed internet or VPS. VPS hosting is highly recommended.

Input Parameters

  • Lots Type: Fixed lot and Automated lot.
  • Fixed lot size: Fixed default lot size.
  • Automated Lot size: Lot is chosen automatically based on margin percentage. For example, if you set 1000% then EA open lots size based on 10% of free margin. 1000% to 900% Recommended.
  • Stop loss: Stop loss in points.
  • //: default settings recommended.
  • Daily Start Time: Daily EA start time.
  • Daily Stop Time: Daily EA stop time.
  • Stop trading if Equity level is less than: Stop trading if Equity level is less than xxx$ reached mean, EA Automatically closes all current positions and stops the trading, until you reset the level. This will protect your capital, you can feel relax from capital stress.

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