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Grid Split EA

This EA is a grid system that uses the RSI and MA indicators to filter entry.

The system has a hidden trailing stop to protect and maximize profits unlike most grid systems that generally have a fixed take profit.

To make the most of profits, EA also has a partial lot closure system, initiated at the same time as the trailing stop.

To protect the user from large losses due to economic macro news, a news filter was also added.

Clifton 2018.12.05 14:41 

Definitely a 5 star! Diogo has shown relentlessness and a courageous spirit of getting back to me and sharing what’s on his mind on next update and current fixes he’s working on. (For the current version)

Interaction - least aside, besides communicating through teamviewer and through here, he would occasionally reach out to check if I’m free. He really takes care of his customers very well and ensure that I’m in safe hands.

EA - he got it setup through teamviewer and when I gave my feedback that I wanted to increase risk, he shared his views. He is always helpful and yes Grid split is making profit, drawdown is Low and it doesn’t crazily open orders like an infected zombie virus Attack.

I see more good content from Diogo. He’s a rare gem 👊👍

It’s the people that make here alive. Diogo is definitely one of them.

Версия 1.1 2018.11.30
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