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Wind Trend is Real

Wind Trend is Real


Wind Trend is a Grid swing system, easy-going settings for all clients.  It based on volatility breakout. It uses strict price action for entering trades.

The EA will look for strong price movements. It will then start opening multiple trades in the direction of that trend and will monitor your pre-setting timeframe at the same time.

The EA will look for trend reversals. The same logic the EA will open multiple trades  if the reversal trend is strong. It will place maximum 50 order.

Each trade will use various trade management techniques. One of those techniques consists of using time stop loss .

This EA suggests to works on H1 timeframe.


The EA is made to be plug-and-play with a very easy setup.

The EA will auto-adapt to each individual account size, and will automatically choose which pairs to run and will determine lot size based on historical drawdown periods of the selected pair. So you can start the EA on a 100$ account or 100.000$, it will automatically choose the best setup.


Key characteristics

  • easy setup
  • auto account size
  • AI timing SL to limit risk
  • Maximum 20 open trades per pair. Usually less.
  • Can run on brokers with 200-trade limitations without problems
  • Can handle all account types (ECN/STP/Cent/Standard accounts)
  • Can handle all brokers (including brokers that apply FIFO and NO HEDGING rules)
  • Not spread sensitive
  • The version 1.0 only works on  EURUSD.



Parameter list

  • MAGIC - The EA will use the Base_MagicNumber
  • STEP – you can use this to determine how far with the distance with each orders.
  • AccountBalance – enter initial balance with your account  or less than your account balance. This should be used with initial lots together.
  • Initial Lots for each STEP – For example, totally with 10,000 AccountBalance, you can set 0.1 with 10,000 AccountBalance. Or you can set 0.01 with 1,000 AccountBalance.
  • PERCENT OF STOP- set the percentage to stop your account
  • Switch of stop – set false to close or set true to open this function




Try more pairs and higher at least H1 timeframe.

Since the EA can open a lot of trades, it is recommended to use an account with a high leverage (1:500 is recommended); or you can use a bigger account balance, or use a cent account.

Try the demo now!

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