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You should understand this before you purchase this EA.

  1. Please do not over believe in the backtesting result. No one can predict the future. This is not a 100% accurate strategy. There will be ups and downs in your trading. Just like life.
  2. This strategy do not have any set file. You should modify the risk that you wanted to take in. The parameter lied in the strategy itself and we will do the optimization and update the strategy from time to time. You should always update the expert advisor to the latest version
  3. You has to embrace the mayhem. In the market itself, just about chaos, chaos and chaos. We're utilizing the statistics modal to make money from the chaos. However, there will be a period of time you will facing the chaos that make your account having drawdowns


  1. Idiot proof. The settings is simple. Anyone can easily understand and do the settings yourself. Most of the issues will be indicated in the Journal or Experts tab.
  2. Bullet proof. We run through tests, tests and tests that making sure the system is robust and not overfitting to the history.


  1. Magic Number - you should set this differently on different type of Expert Advisors to differentiate the strategy and also to run multiple expert advisors in the same account
  2. Risk Percentage - the percent of the capital that you wanted to risk for the trade. If you fill in 2%, $20 from $1000 account will be risked on that trade. 
  3. Minimum Lots - if less than the allowed minimum lots from your broker, it will use minimum lot instead. It is good to set this as false so you don't risk more than the risk percentage that you set. 
  4. Maximum Lots - The maximum lots that the expert advisor will open. It will get stable equity curve when the lot reach maximum lot but the growth will slow down.

Supported Symbols

Please monitor this symbols. We will update the list when times goes on. We will testing it on different markets and timeframes to increase the list.

  1. EURUSD - H1 (GMT+2)

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