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Deer Breakout

Dear Breakout is a scalping automatic trading system which has been designed for Gold spot trading by adhering to the Breakout principals which helps to determine pending order and swiftly close the accont. Therefore, the system requires low latency vps as well as low spread Brokers.

The system is appropriate for the long term investment for which we place special emphasis on risk management and effective leverage management. All positions have stop loss but grid or martingale are not required.

Monitoring of the EA

SET1 : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/482672

Anti-Slippage Algorithm

Anti-Slippage Algorithm has been incorporated into the system which, in case prices do not correspond to the pre-set pending order, the system will immediately readjust the stop loss to the closest current price. This is to ensure that any possible damage can be prevented. 

Time Setting (Start_Hour , Stop_Hour)

Time setting for the system is only purposed to delete pending order before the closure of the market (Stop_Hour) and place the pending again after the market is open (Start_Hour). This is to ensure that slippage during the re-opening hours will be prevented. Appropriate time setting may be achieved by  loading a setfile as per GMT of your brokers. If unsure, AutoSetTime = true function can be used. Alternatively, I can be reached at any time for further questions. 

* In case that pending order must be recorded and kept, and the new ones are created on daily basis, all values must be set to 0 (Start_Hour = 0 , Stop_Hour = 0).

Lot value setting

Risk values can be set as required. If long term profit is preferred, Risk 1.5 should be used. On the other hand, if annual profits are the preferred option, Fix Lot can be used for a better profit margin.

Pair  : XAUUSD,GOLD  - Time Frame H4 , this EA default has setting for 2 digit

Setfile : https://c.mql5.com/31/274/setfile_5-10-2018__1.zip


  • Area- Spacing of pending order  (In Point).
  • MoneyManagement - On/Off MM Funtion.
  • BalanceRisk  - Calculate Lot Percent Risk on Stoploss (if MoneyManagement = Always).
  • ManualLots - Fix Lot (if MoneyManagement = OFF) .
  • StopLoss - Stoploss Setting (in Point).
  • Distance- Distance Trailing Stop Setting (in Point).
  • Target  -  Target Take Profit (In Point).
  • Magic - Magic Number
  • AutoSetTime - Auto setting time


  • Recommend ECN ฺBrokers
  • Mininum Balance 100$ per 0.01 Lot.
  • Low latency VPS.
  • Brokers have Stoplevel is 0 points. 
  • Spread on XAUUSD average is 8-25 Point (2 Digit).

ftctrader 2018.09.16 17:36 

I have been using the EA for about a month now. Very good consistent performance. One of the best EA's around.

Watcharapant Siwarawut
Watcharapant Siwarawut 2018.08.31 16:00 

Really impressed with it's performance & Best for long term investment.

Версия 1.42 2018.09.30
fix bux
1.auto time settings
Версия 1.41 2018.09.21
Fix Bug
1.Error Free Magin Check
2.Update Aiti Slippage algorithm