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MA Channel Scalper EA

M‌A Channel Scalper EA

The Moving Average (MA) Channel Scapler Experts Advisor (EA) makes use of a correction price from price movements. The Strategy based on my MA-Channel indicator.

This indicator is displayed lines below and above the charts as a channel. The EA is able to detect potential market, so as to sell at the tops and buy at the bottoms.

I‌t does not use grid, martingale, hedging and arbitrage methods. It always uses stop loss to protect your money with low draw down.

It is optimized to work with EURUSD on 30 min chart. It is recommended to use VPS and a reputable ECN broker with a low spread and fast order execution for better trading results. 

Input Parameters:

  • StartHour=00:00 operation start time by the server time.
  • EndHour=23:59 operation end time by the server time.
  • MAP=Moving Average Parameters
  • MA1Period=3
  • Ma1Method=Exponential
  • MA2Period=3
  • Ma2Method=Exponential
  • UseMM= enable calculation of lot based on deposit in %
  • LotPercent=10
  • LotSize=0.10
  • StopLoss=50 points stop loss in points from the first order. 
  • TakeProfit=0
  • MaxSpread=5
  • Slippage=3
  • SellDistance=20 distance to the red channel for opening orders.
  • BuyDistance=20 distance to the red channel for opening orders.
  • MA_Filter= 6000
  • TrailP=Trailing Parameters
  • UseTrailing= true
  • TrailStop=15 points to activate trailing stop
  • TrailStep=15 trailing stop distance
  • UseMoveToBreakeven=true
  • BreakEven=15
  • BreakPips=15
  • MagicNumber=524157, magic number for the EA to distinguish its position from other orders.

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