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Ichimoku OnOff MT4

This Ichimoku indicator with a On-Off Button it's very useful if you want a clean chart and to take a look to the indicator.

How it works: you can choose if you want the indicator always shown or always hided while switching among different time frames. Starting from this initial condition it's possible to show/hide the indicator just pressing the ON-OFF button.

  • Tenkan-sen, Kijun-sen and Senkou Span B are simple averages of the highest price and the lowest price that consider respectively the last 9, 26 and 52 periods;
  • Senkou Span A is a simple average of the Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen;
  • Chickou Span indicates the price movement plotted 26 periods in the past.


It's possible to setups periods, color, width and style of the Ichimoku default parameters: Tenkan-sen(9), Senkou Span B(52) and Kijun-sen(26). In particular this parameter setup the periods for Kijun-sen and Chickou Span.

  1. It is possible to customize the button position on the screen and his size.
  2. It's also possible to change the color of button: the background and the edge.
  3. You can choose the font, the color and the size of the label.
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