Wave Hunter uses trailing and breakeven after reaching a few points of profit, thus cutting a possible loss.

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Wave Hunter


Wave Hunter uses pending orders for trading. It is a scalping strategy for trading breakthroughs. The EA is based on a breakthrough of a channel formed on a specified interval.

Wave Hunter uses trailing and breakeven after reaching a few points of profit, thus cutting a possible loss.

Wave Hunter always has a fixed stop loss. At the same time, the take profit is unlimited, deals are closed based on a different principle.

Trading strategy of the Expert Advisor is the use of the regularity in the price movement, which occurs when price extremums are broken.


The latest trading history is displayed on the screen in a convenient form. Spread, Balance, Number of deals and time elapsed since the last closed deal, as well as its result in $.

Standard optimized settings have been obtained as a result of testing with 99% modeling quality.

Flexible settings.

Option to close all positions and orders on Friday at the specified time.

Operational support from the developer.


  • LotSize – traded lot if SmartLot is disabled.
  • TakeProfit – profit in points, at which a deal is closed.
  • StopLoss – loss in points, at which a deal is closed.
  • hidden TP SL
  • TrailingStop - distance between the deal opening price and the current price, once exceeded the deal trailing starts.
  • TrailingStep - the minimum distance to modify the stop loss (step) relative to the current value of the stop loss.
  • BarsBehind – amount of past bars for setting pending orders.
  • Distance – the minimum distance between the price and the range distance, at which a pending order is placed.
  • CommentStats – show (true)/hide (false) statistics (faster backtesting when set to false).
  • SmartLot – automated selection of a lot for trading.
  • SmartLotSize – the higher the value, the higher the SmartLot parameter (and the higher the risk, recommended to set to 10-30).
  • Time when "Friday closing" happens – the time of the "Friday closing".
  • FridayClosing – select an action:
    • Friday close ignore – do not close orders.
    • Friday close all – close all orders.
    • Friday close market orders – close only market orders.
    • Friday close pending orders – close only pending orders.
  • Time when EA start work – the EA operation start time.
  • Time when EA stop work – the EA operation end time.
  • Close after pinbar – close orders after a Pin bar.
  • MaxSpread – the maximum spread value to allow trading.
  • Magic Number – magic number.



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