I need a programmer that will help me to code My indicator/EA strategy

2020.11.22 Индикаторы Эксперты

Техническое задание


I need an indicator that will spot the last decline/rise value of a candlestick before price went up or down above 3001 point.   

Then, hence trend moves in random I will like any pullback that is above 1501 to be recorded within the decline/rise trend of 3001.   

1.Allow user to adjust 3001 and 1501 default settings. 
2.Create a panel to display the exact point in cvs excel file whenever I click at the report.
3.Let it not slow the system. 
4. Ensure that all pullback within the establish 3001 and above is recorded.  (see csv excel file)
5. Ignore a pullback that is not upto 1501.  
6. Ignore a decline/rise value of a candlestick that is not upto 3001.
7. compatible to any EA/indicator at the chart area.
8. compatible in all time frame and in all currency pair.
9. record many pullback/retracement hence up or down trend are find of pullback/retracement.

10. record all pullback/retracement from 131.115 to 140.067= 8952 point.

Please see the attach file for clarity 


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