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anchovy 2021.12.09 12:20 

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Alexander Held
Alexander Held 2021.12.08 05:14  (modificado 2021.12.22 15:16) 

Warum diese riesige Position jetzt im AUD. Der könnte sich deutlich weiter erholen nach dem Abwärtstrend der letzten Wochen. Das wäre das Ende des Signals. Traurig!

kiswaali 2021.08.22 23:22 

Since subscribing I have lost $200 in just 5 days which is unacceptable, I do not recommend this provider at all. There is a 0% gain from this provider and I will be unsubscribing immediately from this service. Does not put the correct TP, The TP level was more like a take loss as it was not even a breakeven level he put, at least $3 loss on his TP. If you want to use your money to take losses, go ahead and subscribe. I don’t think he has experience in the trading world and I will not be using any signal service like this, totally unacceptable.

antonazzmu 2021.08.13 20:58 

2021.08.13 - Newly subscribed, will see how it goes.

cscben Cheng
cscben Cheng 2021.06.11 13:56 

Good trader, low DD, play safe, carry on!

Lucas Hermawan
Lucas Hermawan 2021.06.10 10:47 

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Guillaume Bleau
Guillaume Bleau 2021.05.26 18:21  (modificado 2021.06.18 05:41) 

2021.06.18 - Unfortunately it did hit that stop loss. Martin please send us a message abou this and possible readjustments.

2021.06.17 - In the history of this signal, it is the first time I'm seeing 4 transactions on the same pair simultaneously. Changes of strategy is the biggest cause of failure on signals here. Please do not fall into that trap. It came so close to hit stop loss, it would have blown more miney than profit made following your signal for over a month. Keep your strategy the same, that's what followers are looking for.

2021.06.01 - Still very amazed by your skills. I multiply this signal by 5 since it has very low drawdown and deposit load. I'm not saying that's what everyone should do as I do this because I have other linked accounts to transfer money if margin goes low. For me that made me a nice +40% profit. Cheers!

2021.05.26 - Very good signal. Precise, low drawdown, short holding time. I'm renewing for another month!