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2.4M USD
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Capital líquido


  • Capital líquido
  • Rebaixamento
Negociações com lucro:
197 (89.14%)
Negociações com perda:
24 (10.86%)
Melhor negociação:
21.76 USD
Pior negociação:
-13.12 USD
Lucro bruto:
735.24 USD (66 506 pips)
Perda bruta:
-119.64 USD (11 920 pips)
Máximo de vitórias consecutivas:
37 (212.18 USD)
Máximo lucro consecutivo:
212.18 USD (37)
Índice de Sharpe:
Atividade de negociação:
Depósito máximo carregado:
Último negócio:
1 dias atrás
Negociações por semana:
Tempo médio de espera:
1 dia
Fator de recuperação:
Negociações longas:
75 (33.94%)
Negociações curtas:
146 (66.06%)
Fator de lucro:
Valor esperado:
2.79 USD
Lucro médio:
3.73 USD
Perda média:
-4.99 USD
Máximo de perdas consecutivas:
6 (-52.78 USD)
Máxima perda consecutiva:
-52.78 USD (6)
Crescimento mensal:
Previsão anual:


Símbolo Operações Sell Buy
25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300
25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300
25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300
Símbolo Lucro bruto, USD Loss, USD Lucro, USD
200 400 600 800
200 400 600 800
200 400 600 800
Símbolo Lucro bruto, pips Loss, pips Lucro, pips
20K 40K 60K 80K
20K 40K 60K 80K
20K 40K 60K 80K


Melhor negociação:
21.76 USD
Máximo de vitórias consecutivas:
37 (212.18 USD)
Máximo lucro consecutivo:
212.18 USD (37)
Pior negociação:
-13.12 USD
Máximo de perdas consecutivas:
6 (-52.78 USD)
Máxima perda consecutiva:
-52.78 USD (6)
Rebaixamento pelo saldo:
0.00 USD
52.78 USD (13.59%)
Rebaixamento relativo:
Pelo Saldo:
15.59% (52.78 USD)
Pelo Capital Líquido:
21.31% (85.79 USD)

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Anjani and Arimbi did the same trade, at the same time. this is just a platform difference which makes it easy for the copyist to choose either , mt4 or mt5.

Manual Trading on GBPUSD. using manual Stop Loss or Cut Loss, so not all trades end in profit. not every day there is a trade, it depends on the market conditions. minimum balance $300. I suggest that you use minimum 3x ($1,000) so that the subscription fee can be paid from the profit.

25% Drawdown limit. I suggest you use 95% of your balance, and no need to limit "quit equity if less than.... Usd", for example when you deposit 10,000, but you limit 50%, you better deposit $5,000 and use it fully. with a drawdown below 25%, maybe a monthly profit of around 20%, but I never target profit, so if it reaches 20% I still trade according to market conditions. Likewise, when almost a month I haven't gotten 20%, I won't rush after it, it all depends on market conditions. The 20% profit is just an overview so you can consider the appropriate amount of capital and subscription fees. You don't need to select stop loss copy and take profit level options.

Tips from me to follow this signal.

- when you click subscribe button, use vps, set parameters. Enough up here, the rest let me do the work for you.

- You don't need to monitor trading positions all the time, what's the point of following signals if you are still actively monitoring trading positions.

- it will be better after everything is running normally, you only need to monitor it once a week.

- You don't have to panic or get emotional when I cut loss / SL. because it is almost impossible to win on every trade.

- You do not need to give excessive reviews, really past history does not guarantee future success, because market conditions always differ from time to time.

- in this case, I will try my best to always minimize the risk, not the big profit that I prioritize.

- You need to know, that my trading duration is one month, so I will withdraw all profits at the end of the month. when the loss occurs in the middle of the month, you should not conclude that this month has experienced a loss, because you can conclude that the profit or loss should be at the end of the month.

- Do not put all your money in a trading account, make regular withdrawals if there is a profit and keep it in a bank account.

- You do not need to inform the signal provider about the technical terms of the trade.

I hope we can work together for the long term.


Syarif Hidayat

how to subscribe signal ? >>>>>  Signal

how to install vps ? >>>>> VPS

Classificação Média:
Agus Supratman
Agus Supratman 2021.06.19 06:46 


End of my second month subscription with Arimbi, satisfied with second month result so I renewed immediately, although current fee increased from $37 to $50, personally I don't have problem at all and believe it still in the fair price considering of the signal performance. you can compared across all mql5 signal provider, in term of risk vs reward ratio, Arimbi still my favorite to date.

I don't use VPS from mql5, My VPS cost only $3 + Signal fee $50, with previous trade ratio 1:4 (0.04 lot) well it is still good bargain for me personally. My wish Syarif will always keep his signal performance safe, stable and of course profitable as well.

Understand some of you been beaten up so badly by andi signal, (Thanks God I've been with him for a month only, check my review there as i can't edit/delete it anymore) and I assured my self only! this is not same signal, not even same person!

feel free to have opposite opinion. :)

will update this later, stay safe guys :)



All is well :)

thanks God ^^

Signal provider still deserved my trust, yes DD at few days back goin a bit high, but still under 25% as the signal provider described (even I had my own DD limit for following signal in mql5), so it is fine for me. I won't criticize trading style, strategy, etc. as long I believe everything still under control and end with the good results. the best part is Signal provider admitted 'makin mistake regarding DD', yeah it is cool.

we'll update by the end of my second subscription period, stay safe guys :)

PS. anyone who said this is martingale obviously don't know what martingale is :p


Deserved Five stars signal, so far safe and profitable trading style. The owner also very friendly.

And today 11.05 is the Last day of my first month subscription. +22% profit with 1:4 ratio. I'm more than happy ^_^

Definitely will renew my subscription. Thanks :)

ljttsw 2021.06.18 14:04 

Syarif Hidayat, Recent weeks many sginals whih 800+ subscribers lost it's 70% captial, for example, signal"AlterProfit MT5", tading the same pair “GBPUSD”, AND some other famous signal lostmuch too. So, please investigate the market carefully , reduce orde when the mark trend may cause big lose in your strategy. We need your signal long live.

jynz 2021.06.18 12:21 

18/06/21 - I've made a 7.6% gain on my first week with this signal, on only 8 trades. Every trade seems to be well thought out and calculated, very stable. I don't know of a cheaper way to make >20% per month.

I don't understand how some people are getting so upset over the price increase. If $13 is enough to break your account, then maybe forex is not for you. This is not something you should be doing with just spare change in your trading account, that is just wasting your own time. If you want to earn some real money, get a bigger deposit, then the minor cost of the subscription will not be an issue.

buslaevvictor 2021.06.18 12:21  (modificado 2021.06.18 12:22) 

The signal price has increased by 35% since the beginning of the month (on June 10, 2021, the price was 37 USD) and amounted to 50 USD. VPS cost 15 USD. Total 65 USD per month - expenses for signal subscription including VPS expenses. With a minimum balance of 300 USD and a declared profitability of 20% per month, the income will be 60 USD, which is less than the total costs of subscribing to the signal (65 USD). Total minus 5 USD. For an account with a balance of 300-400 USD, subscribing to the signal will be unprofitable.

I subscribed to Arimbi after losing part of my deposit (I was lucky - only 10%, others lost all 100%) on the AlterProfit MT5 signal (signed on 05/31/2021 for 30 USD + 15 USD for VPS, total 45 USD). It was a risk, since both of these signals are from Indonesia and trade the same GBPUSD, but I went for it. In the signal description, a minimum deposit of 300 USD was indicated, without any additions (which have appeared now).

In the description of the Arimbi signal, an indication just appeared "I suggest that you use minimum 3x ($ 1,000) so that the subscription fee can be paid from the profit." Thus, the subscription price (37 USD -> 50 USD) and the minimum account (deposit) balance (at which the subscription to the signal will be profitable) - 300 -> 1000 USD. Less than a month after the start of the subscription, the conditions for this signal changed dramatically.

Such greed that the signal provider demonstrates by increasing the cost of a subscription and actually increasing the amount of the minimum balance (deposit) by 3 times, at which it will be profitable, is very similar to the situation with AlterProfit MT5 with more than 1000 subscribers. This upsets me and makes subscribing to this signal unjustified (unprofitable and risky). I think that such actions by the signal provider will not only stop the growth in the number of subscribers, but also lead to their reduction.

dipnqd 2021.06.18 11:52 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário sobre a classificação

Federico Ballarino
Federico Ballarino 2021.06.18 10:45 

18.06.2021) Great trades with minimum DD, although I am skeptical about his move to hide his "Big Equity Signal", I will keep copying 0.01 lots for now

09.06.2021) Subscribed this week, so far very happy with the results and trading style, good job.

anchovy 2021.06.18 10:39 

Great signal. I have been using it for three months. Each month ends with a profit. During this time, the price has increased from 30usd to 50usd. I think I'll try to use for this price. But I think it could be a barrier for new users.

provosubito 2021.06.18 10:20 

oh fuck you stop increasing the price

Golf2002 2021.06.18 10:05   

Очень похоже, что это тот же Энди только под другим ником

linwuwei 2021.06.18 09:56 

update on June 18. This month's profit is very stable, syarif Hidayat has brought us considerable revenue. I support him to increase the subscription fee. First of all, his ability has proved that he is worthy to raise the price. Every transaction is stable and profitable, and the risk is extremely low. There is no loss for us to increase the subscription fee properly. On the contrary, I think only when a person is very confident in his trading strategy can he increase the subscription fee. This is his recognition of his ability, which is a good thing.

June 11 I suggest that you don't influence syarif Hidayat. If she joins your discussion group, people's thinking and opinions will lead to her strategy confusion. If you don't want to lose money, you'd better keep the status quo and let her keep a clear mind instead of setting up a discussion group.

June 9,She is still profitable this week, and her strategy is very robust. There is no blind add, there is no blind stop. Look at the one next door. First of all, we must grasp the trend, in order to correctly bill and reduce the risk. That's her advantage.

June 3, it turned out that she was right once. All we have to do is trust her decision. When the money goes back, there's no need to panic. Everything's under her control.

June 2, it turned out that she was right. We should give more trust, not complain. Now that the new virus is so dangerous, we should pay more attention to her health.

June 1, I thought we should trust her. I looked at her previous analysis. When there is a mistake, she will stop the loss in time and return the money immediately. Such a trader is really powerful. Because they know how to save the loss

May 28 The pound would not have risen sharply if it had not been for the UK finance minister's speech on May 27th. Now it's an accident. We can only hope that the US dollar will show some positive results in June

May 7 I don't think what she did was wrong. First of all, yesterday a single in the confirmation can not continue to rise after the stop profit is correct. Today's stop loss ahead of time, after confirming the direction, it is also correct to add again. She's trying to control the risk. I hope she can continue to make stable profits this month.

follow this signal on April 19, I hope there will be a good return on May 19

I hope Syarif Hidayat will bring me the same benefits as the previous two months in May

tegasite77 2021.06.18 09:37 

GREEDY Seller and will only get more greedy! You currently have the largest subscribers on mql5? why increase subscription to $50 when there is no additional cost you incur in the business (you just have to continue trading and make money on subscription and on your trading account mql5 is bearing all the cost of copying the signals to your subscribers), next maybe you increase to $300 (same as the invested capital). You are just driving away small investors who are looking to startup with as little cost as possible. You should have just created another signal for large capital investors with a higher subscription - anyways, it is your business and your decision - I will just finish this subscription and opt out...goodluck

aslan.shakua 2021.06.17 18:08 

Another day with good and stable profit! Thx a lot Syarif!

Jean Luc Therese Felix
Jean Luc Therese Felix 2021.06.16 21:51  (modificado 2021.06.16 21:52) 

Ce signal est top, vous pouvez fermer les yeux, elle respecte ses consignes et fait un max pour éviter de gros drawdown, pour le moment c'est l'un de mes signaux préféré sur la plateforme. Ne changez rien !

Radu Andrei
Radu Andrei 2021.06.16 11:49   

For user: intergold ,if it is true that every signal you subscribed went down after 2 months please unsubscribe from this signal :)))

intergold 2021.06.15 15:41   

Every single signal without exception I subscribed for in the past 7 years went down in 2 months maximum. Let`s see if I can destroy this one as well! :D :D :D

kansav.shik 2021.06.15 11:25 

Subscribed like a week ago.. So far so good! Trading according to stable strategy, brings stable profit. Good job!

Ruslanas Cupajevas
Ruslanas Cupajevas 2021.06.14 22:17 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário sobre a classificação

alexandrepoulard 2021.06.14 13:37 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário sobre a classificação

Swing Trader
Swing Trader 2021.06.11 18:19 

Update June 11th: very good and stable trading. you can in my eyes rely on this signal but don´t copy to high percentage of your initial deposit. you can set this in MT5 at the signal. I copy only 10-20-30 %.

as we have seen in the last days, there have been a lot of traders with problems in the markets.

either with market conditions or with their trading personality.

even the best trading system does not help you, when your emotions are going away.

with ARIMBI, in my eyes, everything is perfect.

thank you Arimbi for your good trading, stay safe and have a nice weekend.

same to you, all traders, here at MQL5. wish you all time good trades


Update May 31st: up to now, this signal could not convince me. but it is also a story of movement in the markets, which is now very low.

the trading frequency is low, but safe.

in May she could achieve very high performance, so I think she does not want to risk performance in the last day in May.

Arimbi is trading GBPUSD. I copy only 10 % of initial deposit and am about 1 % in DD.

hope we will see another great trading in June, I will further report.

I started last Friday to copy this signal. Closed some trades manually and copy at the beginning only 10 % of initial deposit as my account is quite large in comparison to the trading account of signal provider (USD 300).

up to now good result. if I would have fully copied about 2 % in two days.

I will further report.

good trades to all of you and stay healthy in these times

Saint Septian Sudjono
Saint Septian Sudjono 2021.06.11 16:05  (modificado 2021.06.16 13:08)   

[Jun, 10 2021] everyone feel free to join the telegram channel. Please be informed, Provider is not going to join our group to maintain objectivity and focus on trading. Cheers

[Jun, 10 2021] Telegram group for Arimbi, you can join to discuss more

[Jun, 5 2021]Please maintain the DD and always manage the trades. Do not hesitate to SL at 25% mark. We don't want someting like (Alt*rgold) happen again which blown many subscribers account.

We trust the way you manage the trade, but please be strict on your own money management rule.

2021.06.18 10:09 2021.06.18 10:09:34  

please read my signal description, my signal is called "Compound Start 5000 follow Arimbi", before I change the account to private

2021.06.18 09:43 2021.06.18 09:43:39  

tegasite77: for me it is a fool when you pay $500 for a signal with a large balance. because I think the profitability of an account is not seen from the size. didn't there yesterday a signal with a large balance costing $500 had a Margin call? whether with a large balance and large costs will minimize a risk?

2021.06.18 09:25 2021.06.18 09:25:29  

for some reason, I increased the signal price from $37 to $50. This is the final price and I will not increase the price again. when your balance is $3,000, and one month's profit is 20%, then you get $600 profit, I don't think it's a problem when you pay $50 + vps $15. You should know that when you pay $50, there will be a 20% fee for mql5, and I will receive $40. and there is a 2% fee for withdrawing money from mql5 . you need to consider the amount deposited in your account. I will help you if you have a relatively small deposit, my account is available for copying through the Hotforex broker under the name "edelweiss". No subscription fees, no need for a vps, but there is a 30% fee of profit. The minimum deposit to follow is $500. sorry if this price increase makes you uncomfortable, have a nice day.

2021.06.10 06:17 2021.06.10 06:17:07  

some people make a group on telegram, it's just a discussion with fellow copyists, but I will not join in it, for the sake of maintaining my calm and psychology in trading, because some copyists may be smart in analysis when I floating minus, so this will be very disturbing for me . If you want to ask something that I have not conveyed in the description of the signal or news, you can contact me directly via message on mql5. I'll answer as best I can , but if I haven't replied to your message, please note that in my area it is GMT +7 . Salam

2021.06.02 13:32 2021.06.02 13:32:03  

The big DD this week was purely my fault for opening a position too close, and this is not what it used to be, I make sure this doesn't happen again. I apologize for this incident. read the signal description carefully before subscribing, and I remind you, never teach me about trading techniques. if you have a better trading system, you can become a signal provider, I see your reviews also it seems you are a talented trader and very skilled in trading. there are no special rules that oblige you to follow my signal, thank you.

2021.05.21 19:20 2021.05.21 19:20:34  

some people say that he can't copy with icmarkets broker, i don't know what causes it. You can try copying with another broker, while my account is trading open, if you can't copy, cancel the subscription immediately so that the signal fee is immediately returned by the system.

2021.05.12 07:47 2021.05.12 07:47:40  

Dear Subcribers, today is the last trade of this week. On May 13 and 14, I will take a temporary break, there will be no trading on that day because I have an Eid holiday, sorry for that. If you want to subscribe new or renew the subscription fee to signals, I recommend you to subscribe or renew starting May 17 (morning). currently the subscription fee is $5,000, and I will change it back on May 17 to $35, this is what I do so that my friends don't subscribe when there is no trade. Thank you

2021.05.07 01:14
Removed warning: This is a newly opened account. Trading results may be of random nature
2021.05.04 16:47 2021.05.04 16:47:48  

i always use the formula in determining lots. 0.01 for a $ 300 balance. and I will use 0.1 Lot when my balance is $ 3,000 and 1 lot is for $ 30,000. So when you think my signal with a small balance will have a greater risk then you need to contact your math teacher when you are in elementary school. By calculation, when I open 0.01 on a balance of 300 and open 1 lot on a balance of 30,000, then when I close a position with a loss of 30 pips, then I will still lose 1% of my balance. Then where is the calculation of the small account balance, the big risk? "MIKIR"

2021.04.29 17:15
Removed warning: Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.04.28 17:02
Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.04.08 11:28
Removed warning: Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.04.07 16:03 2021.04.07 16:03:24  

hi, you don't need to teach me or criticize me with the phrase "following the trend, against the trend". my trading is not based on having to follow the trend or against the trend. I just follow the trading system / signal that I have. do not care if you want to fight or follow the trend. You are talking about an uptrend, because you have seen previous price events going up, and you are talking about a downtrend when you have seen prices go down before. and that is the extent of our knowledge of the trend, we will never know when the trend begins and when the trend will end. when I OP sell and I close the position in a profit condition, you are silent,not at all mentioning the problem of fighting the trend, but when I OP sell and floating minus, you are smart as to say the OP against the trend,it is very unfair. moreover you talk about support and resistance followed by mentioning prices. for example "GU Will go up to 1.45xxx."I never believe in such nonsense. If you know this, why are you not the number 1 rich person in the world?

2021.04.06 11:45
Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.04.04 12:19
Removed warning: Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.04.01 07:57
Removed warning: High average monthly growth may indicate high trading risks
2021.03.17 19:12 2021.03.17 19:12:46  

when I delete SL like today, several times I delete SL, not because I'm afraid for SL, but I delete it when I'm at the computer, when it's time to cover losses, I'll close it manually. My SL Turns back on when I'm not at the computer. I hope you understand this. Thank you.

2021.03.08 15:15
Removed warning: Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.03.08 01:32
Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.03.05 09:07
Removed warning: Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
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