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heroo099 2020.03.12 19:45 

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Jean-Marie MOISAND
Jean-Marie MOISAND 2020.02.10 09:41   

Good morning, sir,

I subscribe to DAINESE BY NIGHT and I'm losing money. Which broker should I sign up with? Pepperstone or ICmarkets.



leehm 2020.02.05 05:36  (modificado 2020.02.19 17:31) 

I am using same broker as SP. But copy result is not same performance as SP. Bad signal. Rating 1 star. (SP=SignalProvider)

Suggestion: Don't copy this signal yet. Observe 1st):

20200212: My results is now at -9.22% while SP result is -1.76%. Is about 500% more losses than SP. Very interesting but bad observation. Basically means most people who copy is likely to be either customer loss big but SP loss small, or customer win small but SP win big. SP results is misleading.

20200212: My results is still -ve though SP result is +ve. Bad signal copy for now.

20200210: 3 trades today. SP 3 win. profit 2.93%. Mine is 2 win 1 loss, profit 0.54%. Its a small and risky win becos win:cost ratio is 0.88:1. SP ratio is huge 5.7:1. If have 1 more loss takes much longer win to recover. I consider this as not good signal where SP result is so far difference from customer. Suspect most people who copy is loss even though SP is big win. Guys pls share your copy results.

20200206: 1 trade today. Using dif analogy to look at performance.

SP profit is abt 1:1 of comm cost.

My profit is 0.37:1 of comm cost.

Assume SP next trade with zero pip gain and has comm cost, he can use 1 winning trade profit (1:1) to cover the comm cost. I would be loss and need another 3 winning trades profit to cover my comm cost. So my winning is quite a tight buffer. Rating:1.5 star for now.

Update 2020 02 05 * :

Am using same Pepperstone broker as signal provider but dif server. VPS is 1ms. Yet, the 1st day trades of 3 orders were loss (-0.13%) compared with Signal provider (+1.6%). Bad for 1st day. *_* 1 star for now. To monitor and update the star when performance improve.

Aleksei Moshkin
Aleksei Moshkin 2020.01.13 07:50  (modificado 2020.02.11 04:32) 

So far, so good.

Asawin Watcharinrat
Asawin Watcharinrat 2019.11.14 05:33  (modificado 2019.11.20 04:33) 

Good Performance of the result for signal provider. But doesn't work for follower if you use icmarkets as me due to high slippage.

Update Until 3 weeks of subscription: Signal Provider get +15% profit but I loss -2% due to high slippage of icmarkets, You need to use the same broker as signal provider to get good profit as signal provider. I wouldn't continue with this signal in the next month. Good Luck :)