Trading the Andrews Pitchfork with Max
4 semanas (desde 2019)
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Capital líquido


  • Capital líquido
  • Rebaixamento
Negociações com lucro:
245 (52.80%)
Negociações com perda:
219 (47.20%)
Melhor negociação:
8.31 GBP
Pior negociação:
-6.30 GBP
Lucro bruto:
272.56 GBP (17635 pips)
Perda bruta:
-183.70 GBP (10583 pips)
Máximo de vitórias consecutivas:
17 (32.41 GBP)
Máximo lucro consecutivo:
32.41 GBP (17)
Índice de Sharpe:
Actividade de negociação:
Depósito máximo carregado:
Último negócio:
15 horas atrás
Negociações por semana:
Tempo médio de espera:
19 minutos
Fator de recuperação:
Negociações longas:
220 (47.41%)
Negociações curtas:
244 (52.59%)
Fator de lucro:
Valor esperado:
0.19 GBP
Lucro médio:
1.11 GBP
Perda média:
-0.84 GBP
Máximo de perdas consecutivas:
12 (-11.47 GBP)
Máxima perda consecutiva:
-14.19 GBP (6)
Crescimento mensal:


Símbolo Operações Sell Buy
Símbolo Lucro bruto, USD Loss, USD Lucro, USD
Símbolo Lucro bruto, pips Loss, pips Lucro, pips


Melhor negociação:
8.31 GBP
Máximo de vitórias consecutivas:
17 (32.41 GBP)
Máximo lucro consecutivo:
32.41 GBP (17)
Pior negociação:
-6.30 GBP
Máximo de perdas consecutivas:
12 (-11.47 GBP)
Máxima perda consecutiva:
-14.19 GBP (6)
Rebaixamento pelo saldo:
1.24 GBP
16.16 GBP (8.55%)
Rebaixamento relativo:
Pelo Saldo:
7.46% (12.98 GBP)
Pelo Capital Líquido:
23.24% (40.45 GBP)

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    The returns are high but so is the experience level: 

    90% scalping trades and 10% other.

    Simple Andrews Pitchfork trading

      a) We focus on the majors with GBPUSD being the main pair traded;
        b) Stop-loss 3 to 10 pips.  Seeking return to risk trades of 2x to 10x;
          c) Soft (virtual) and hard stops used.  The choice depends on the market opportunity presented.  Soft stops covered with hard stop within 15 minutes of trade placement.  All positions will have a hard stop when subscriptions begin;  
            d) Stop-loss moved to break-even plus 1 pip after price has developed in the profit area;
              e) Positions are not held overnight;
                f) Normal trading hours from 6 GMT to 17:00 GMT; occasionally, the trading finish time maybe extended;
                  g) Targeting average gains of 5% to 15% a week; 

                    h) No stress intraday trading;

                    i) MQL5 fast VPS recommended.

                    How to subscribe to a signal?

                    How to rent VPS?

                    To maximise profits and reduce slippage you can request to have your account located on my VPS. You will still be required to have a MQL5 subscription and an admin charge will be applicable plus a small performance related percentage.


                      To protect my trading psychology:

                        1. I will reply to direct messages at the weekend;
                          2. The trading deposit will be kept small and deposit load will be high; I use a trade copier to post to the main account.  To see a growing balance affects my trading decisions;
                            3. I will read comments at the end of each month and write a general response in the news.

                              The above points aim to ensure my trading decisions, and therefore profits, are not negatively influenced.  However, I'll write a running commentary of most trade decisions.


                              Position Sizing Policy

                              The signal is open to the public so a strict position sizing policy needs to be specified.

                              From 26/05/19 the MAXIMUM position size at anytime is 1 lot per $5000 balance, 0.1 lot per $500 that is 0.01 lot per $50; the TOTAL position size will not exceed these limits however the total position size may be built from smaller positions.

                              Thus, an account balance of $200 will allow a total position size of 0.04 lot; this maybe built from 4 smaller trades (if scaling in) of 0.01 lot per trade.

                              This threshold will be fully respected moving forward.


                              Please consider splitting trading capital into three parts.  Deposit these parts into three trading accounts:

                              1. Low risk (50% of capital) - 95% signal copy allocation

                              2. Medium risk (30% of capital) - 0.65% per trade with a 10 pip SL  (maximum of 4 trades per position means 2.6% per position)

                              • Transfer 20% of profits from 2. to 1. at the end of each week. 

                              3. High risk (20% of capital)  -    1.25% per trade with a 10 pip SL  (maximum of 4 trades per position means 5% per position)

                              • Transfer 80% of profits from 3. to 1. at the end of each week. 

                              Use a very popular free trade copier to send trades from one account to the others and to set money management options. Contact me if you are unable to locate the free trade copier.


                              All trades are manual.  ICMarkets mini-terminal is used for partial closes, this is showing on the statistics as an algo' trade.

                              Whenever we are in the market, I am sat in front of the PC monitor manually managing the trade.


                              Although the stop-losses may seem small to many, the only rational reason for a trader to sit and manually trade is to watch the development of dynamic support and resistance so low risk high precision entries can be made.  Such things can not be programmed in a EA.


                              Customer and trader incentives:

                              The maximum price of subscription is $199 and the minimum is $30

                              The maximum subscription increase is limited to $5 per month;

                              Subscription increase condition is based on hitting the minimum monthly target of 20%;

                              Subscription decrease condition is based on missing the minimum monthly target of 20%;


                              I just had someone tell me the deposit load is the same as draw-down! Even worse this trader offers a signal!! 

                              Listen, if you do not intend to use most of your deposit in your broker account for trading, withdraw what is not being used and put it into a bank account; it is much safer that way. Why have a $1000, $10000 or more trading account if you're only ever going to use a fraction of it to place trades? This makes no sense, it economically irrational and the unused funds should be taken out of the broker's responsibility and put into (at least) a high-interest cash account. You can always top up the broker account if necessary. 

                              For me, a high deposit load shows efficient use of funds if supported by the necessary performance statistics. Assessing deposit load in isolation is genuine nonsense. 

                              Deposited funds should equal a given multiple (say 2 to 3) of the maximum expected draw-down subject to margin and leverage requirements and constraints.

                              Classificação Média:
                              asadasad1234 2019.06.10 12:52 

                              good profit without HIGH RISK trading skills are impressive

                              michele74 2019.06.04 19:20 

                              Very nice , stable and profitable signal...You can see the difference when a professional trader like Max with a 20 years of experience know how to beat a market..i started buying many EA from him and i am very satisfied of the performance, now it's time to follow the signal!!

                              2019.06.17 22:08 2019.06.17 22:08:43 

                              OK. I've finished the trading simulator work.

                              785 / 5000 = 0.157 max lot.

                              0.157/4 = 0.039 lot x 4 trades.

                              So round that down to 0.03 lot x 4 trades = max lot for tomorrow 0.12 lot. Capital has to exceed 800 for max lot of 0.16.

                              Tomorrow I'll start with 0.03 lot trades to build a buffer against a loss limit stop-out.

                              It was unfortunate hitting the loss limit so early in the trading session but all things pointed towards a move of 25 to 35 pips north; our stop was at 2573 and price spiked down to 2570 before heading north by 25 pips so I used the max lot allocation to capture the movement and used an average stop-loss of around 8 pips (which is large for us).

                              A little frustrating but these things happen. The good thing is we didn't chase a profit and stopped trading as soon as the loss limit was breached.

                              2019.06.17 10:19 2019.06.17 10:19:13 

                              2% loss limit hit, it happens. No more trades until tomorrow. I spend today putting some work in on the trading simulator.

                              2019.06.17 09:45 2019.06.17 09:45:44 


                              I started off with a valid counter trend long with very good reward to risk. Unfortunately, we were stopped out. I will wait for the next clear signal before my next trade.

                              2019.06.14 20:21 2019.06.14 20:21:38 

                              Deposit made. Please resynch your VPSs.

                              2019.06.14 15:57 2019.06.14 15:57:45 

                              Product description amendment for those who may want to leave at the end of the subscription cycle.

                              Customer and trader incentives:

                              The maximum price of subscription is $199 and the minimum is $30

                              The maximum subscription increase is limited to $5 per month;

                              Subscription increase condition is based on hitting the minimum monthly target of 20%;

                              Subscription decrease condition is based on missing the minimum monthly target of 20%;

                              2019.06.14 13:05 2019.06.14 13:05:59 

                              P.S. I trade the market opportunities, I do not trade the return however the weekly opportunities are more than enough to meet the return target at a consistent operator mark of 6 and above.

                              So the only focus is increasing the operator mark and consistently keeping it at a high level, returns flow from this.

                              2019.06.14 12:28 2019.06.14 12:28:05 

                              Operator mark for the week: 6 out of 10. I think we had a good week. Most errors have been eliminated and we are suffering minimal drawdown.

                              Next week my eye will be firmly on the 15% weekly minimal target with a daily loss limit of 2%.


                              Don't worry about missing the down move because I closed the short. There will be plenty of up and down moves to profit from next week.

                              2019.06.14 10:10 2019.06.14 10:10:51 

                              I've finished trading for today and this week. I have a few things going on in the background that is interfering with my clarity of thought so better to stop trading for today..

                              A break-evenish day.

                              2019.06.13 17:33 2019.06.13 17:33:37 

                              5 mins later price breaks lower...smh


                              Short closed. Should have broken lower 5 minutes ago.

                              2019.06.13 14:41 2019.06.13 14:41:06 

                              A new equity high. I've finished trading for the day. The sudden spike down that we profited from sapped all my energy. I traded a new edge I created called "money for nothing" so I was very much zoned into that one entry and paid the price in energy = focus = concentration = profit-making ability = increased probability of losses if trading continues.

                              Operator mark for the day 5.5 out of 10. I am beginning to see the occasional glimpse of what I am like when I am trading at my very best but today there were two optical illusion errors and one "wait a minute, look" error. Each error costs us return. I hope I can achieve an 8 out of 10 by the end of the month.

                              We have a small position running and in profit which I'll leave to hit the TP or the very small SL.

                              2019.06.13 11:26 2019.06.13 11:26:45 

                              I feel slight regret that I closed the longs so soon. The current total return is 0.68% below 70%. Being so close to 70% is a mental distraction I could do without. Distractions can't be conquered unless the trader is aware of them so it is a good thing I'm aware that chasing an extra point to get an even numbered return has led to the complete decimation of many traders' accounts.


                              To maximise profits and reduce slippage you can request to have your account located on my VPS. You will still be required to have an MQL5 subscription and an admin charge will be applicable plus a small performance related percentage.

                              2019.06.13 09:17 2019.06.13 09:17:56 

                              There was no reason to take the small losses for the latest shorts. I had an exit confirmation at break-even but the "wait a minute look" happened and that exit opportunity vanished. We are in profit for the day even though we paid a premium to the "wait a minute look". The "wait a minute look" will be correct but I'd need a larger stop-loss than 10 pips to reap those rewards so that trade isn't part of this system. Again, real intraday trading (when tight stop-losses are used) cannot be compared to "making it up as you go along, no stop-loss, averaging fudged entries" trading.


                              I think it is going to 1.2700 but confirmation doesn't agree so the long position was closed because what I think is unimportant lest being caught in the optical illusion trap!



                              Although I was certain the price was going lower on London open, I had to close the short entry for a few pips simply because I did not have an anti-optical illusion confirmation.

                              If we did not use a stop-loss we could throw as many trades at it as needed (averaging over 50 to 200 pips) and manage the process (make it up as we go along) and no doubt have a 90 to 99% winning rate until the account is blown.

                              With low risk 2 to 10 pip stop trading, the trader always has to be aware of the mind's tendency to interpret what is seen in a manner consistent with what the trader wants.

                              Case in point. You will appreciate this important point more if you take a minute to look at this:

                              2019.06.12 17:08 2019.06.12 17:08:17 

                              Another new equity high. I've finished trading for the day.

                              Operator mark for the day: 5 out of 10. (there's more profit in waiting).

                              2019.06.11 18:07 2019.06.11 18:07:18 

                              I've finished signal trading for today. Tomorrow is going to be a great trading day!!!


                              1. I've achieved a new equity high;

                              2. I've overcome the subscribers' curse which means I expect to hit the weekly target from now on;

                              3. Operator mark: 7 out of 10.

                              2019.06.11 14:12 2019.06.11 14:12:37 

                              Good afternoon,

                              I've defeated the subscriber's curse. The subscriber's curse is the alteration of trading behaviour due to the trader's awareness of being observed. The concept is a derivation of the Hawthrone study.

                              Many good signals die due to this Hawthrone effect; many times the signal provider is unaware of the impact of the subscriber's curse so cannot remedy it, other times the signal provider will blame the signal observer for poor trading performance which is simply ridiculous or the signal provider will go through steps to overcome this Hawthrone effect. I have done the latter and am now in a position to hit targets on a consistent basis moving forward.

                              Anyway, I am waiting for the next opportunity.

                              2019.06.10 14:57 2019.06.10 14:57:22 

                              We are down 1%. I'm being too cautious so the account is staying at the same place. We cannot get account growth if no trades are being placed.

                              The trade setups remain the same.

                              2019.06.10 13:18 2019.06.10 13:18:38 

                              Okay. After a few attempts, the probability is quite high that we have captured the low of the day. We have to be patient and leave the trade until price reaches 2734 or we are stopped out, whichever happens first. If we get the 2734 milestone I'll lock some profits in and allow the price to continue to run higher.

                              No guarantees and we may get stopped out; we may have plenty of profit on the table and still be stopped out. Return to risk etc.

                              2019.06.10 10:42 2019.06.10 10:42:13 

                              I'd like to hold the long to 2784, market permitting! If not we'll look for another opportunity further down. I've traded a minimum position size because to time the catch of a rapidly falling knife is always risky but we must not forget we are in the midst of a bullish cascading fractal through time; I can scalp against this fractal but I cannot take an intraday swing position against it!!!

                              2019.06.10 10:11 2019.06.10 10:11:30 

                              Good morning.

                              Longs closed due high impact news in 20 mins:

                              9:30am GBP Manufacturing Production m/m

                              9:30am GBP GDP m/m

                              I expect the news to send the price surging higher (2773 to 2800) but we don't gamble.

                              2019.06.07 12:41 2019.06.07 12:41:01 

                              It is non-farm payroll news today so I will not place additional trades because it is not worth the risk. I do have a sell limit at 2638 which I will cancel before the news announcement.

                              Our short was stopped out which was a little unfortunate because it was a peach of the entry and I was very surprised to see the good open profit disappear due to the retracement. however, it was a high probability trade which I would happily open again should the setup appear.

                              Operator mark for the day: 5 out of 10.

                              Although we were stopped out, I am very happy we waited for the very high probability short entry. An entry that offered plenty of reward if things had played out like most other times.

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